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Author: PurpleGurlFlower jun-25-2002 : jul-2-2002
Hamtaro's Wish
This is about what Hamtaro and the other ham-hams would wish for on a falling star.
All in romance, humor, and more strange things.
After all the Wishes
Second part of Hamtaro's Wish.

Author: Patrick jul-6-2002
The Ham-Hams Meet New Friends
My fan fic story is about when hamtaro and the gang meet my 2 hamsters and when i move to their town!!

Author: Nate sept-1-2002 : sept-15-2002
Hamtaro Tales
I made my own Fanfic of Hamtaro called Hamtaro tales. It's the adventures of Hamtaro and his friends, also including two new characters Nate and his hamster Tiki.
Why Cappy Wears A Hat (Nate's Version)
I was very disturbed by the fan-fic called "Why Cappy Where's a Hat". So I decided to use my writing skills to whip up my own version, and probably the more accurate one, of "Why Cappy Where's a Hat."

Authors: Shortysk8rchik33 and Invader Lila sept-1-2002
Site: Hamtaro: awww cute
Why Cappy Wears A Hat
this is a fanfic about cappy. it's titled WHY CAPPY WEARS A HAT. It's told by my made up ham ham mashimaro. it's REALLY weird.
Warning: This IS really weird and quite disturbing, but increadibly funny.
Why Maxwell's Head is So Long
okay!! here we go. this is a REALLY funny and yet disturbing story about MAXWELL!! have you ever noticed why his head is so LONG?? well, now you'll find out why! yay!
Warning: believe this gal when she says disturbing... >_^
How Stan and Sandy Came to Be
THIS, the story of how Stan and Sandy came to be...IT IS VERY STANGE!!!!! so stange your eyeballs might pop out and flop around on the floor... MashiMaro is telling ALL of these stories and things.....OK, LET HER START!!!!!!!
Warning: yet another histerical and slightly distrubing story from the masters of disturbing Hamtaro fan-fiction.*yeay*

Authors: Anime Ambreen and Poké Manic nov-14-2002
A New Life

Author: Toni nov-14-2002
Note: This is a story about Howdy and Dexter, if you don't care about them then don't read it!

Author: Cheryl dec-4-2002
Hamtaro's Birthday
A short adorable little tale of love ^_^ -Cabbit

Author: HamClover mar-11-2003
Sunglasses and Berets
This is the 1st fic about my pet gerbils, Mable and Celeste. It is very cute and has a sequel! Enjoy!

Sitting in a Tree
Sequil to Sunglasses and Berets

Author: Manny aug-10-2003
The Mysterious Hamster
A mysterious hamster who was sent to destroy Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams. Is this a new evil? Who could possibly want to destroy the Ham-Hams?

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