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I was very disturbed by the fan-fic called "Why Cappy Where's a Hat". So I decided to use my writing skills to whip up my own version, and probably the more accurate one, of "Why Cappy Where's a Hat".
Here it goes!:
Cappy's mother was pregnant with him when she was traveling throw a snow storm. She felt the baby coming so she went a burrowed herself in a little hamster hole. When the baby came out, she saw that it was so little and really cold. She stayed in the den thorughout the night cuddling with her baby to keep it warm. She was so busy trying to keep it warm, she didn't even think of naming it. When morning came, Cappy's mother found that the snow was coming down fast. She left her baby behind and ran out to find some food. When she returned, she brought back a lot of seeds. Later that night, the snow covered the hole. The two hamsters were running low on seeds, so the mother ham did what she knew she had to, get more food. While she left to get food, a huge storm came and blew the poor mother ham away. Cappy was later once again got trapped in the hole because of the snow. Cappy survived off of the rest of the seeds he had, until the snow melted. Cappy ran out of the whole and traveled for days and days until he reached a town. While he was in town, two people named Kip and Sue found him. They brought him home and gave him a cage and all. It just so happened, that the night before Sue made a little green hat just for fun. So when she found Cappy, she gave him the hat and called him Cappy. The name stuck, and that is how Cappy became to be who he is, and why he wheres a hat!
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