my fan fic story is about when hamtaro and the gang meet my 2 hamsters and when i move to their town!! In this story my name is patrick(just so u know who i am)

patricks mom: Patrick, get your hamsters and lets get a move on!

Patrick:Ok. Lets go Lola and cherry. Its time to move.

Lola: where are we moving to cherry?

Cherry: I dont know....

Patricks mom: Ok get in the car and lets go!

Patrick: Ok!(gets in the car)

Lola: I wonder if in this new place we are moving to will have hamsters.

Cherry: That would be cool if they did.

Patricks mom: well weve made it!!

Patrick: Cool! so this is where we are going to live huh? Its seems ok..'

Patricks mom: Help me take your stuff into your new room.

patrick: Ok. But after can i take a walk around the neighborhood with lola+cherry just to meet some new friendS?

patricks mom: yeah but first help me!!!

Patrick:O.K.! (carrys 3 boxes up to his new room)

Patrick: Now can i go??

patricks mom: yeah! Have fun!!

patrick: Ok bye mom!

patrick:(walks away along the side walk)

Laura: well kana i heard there is a new kid that just moved here.

Kana: really is it a boy or a girl??

laura: im pretty sure its a boy.

patrick: (walks along the sidewalk and bumbps into laura and kana)

patrick: oh im sorry. Let me get your stuff. (picks up the books and notepads)

Patrick: My names patrick and i just moved here.

Kana: Hi patrick my names Kana and this is laura.

Laura: Hi! Do you have any hamsters???

patrick: Yep i have 2. There names are lola and cherry.

Kana: Cool!  We have hamsters too! Mines oxnard and laurasis hamtaro.

Laura: How about we go back to your house and let all of our hamsters meet?

Patrick: Ok that sounds cool!

Too be continued....
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