A New Life

By: Anime Ambreen & Poke' Manic


Summary: Bijou and Hamtaro have been turned into humans but the thing is nobody remembers them except the Ham Hams and they have one year to become a couple or else they'll disappear, forever. Romance/Humor/Action/Adventure.


Disclaimer: I don't own Hamtaro or else I'd buy the rest of the animes and fix to make the couple I want! Like trunks/pan, hamtaro/bijou, tenchi/ryoko, gourry/lina, ash/misty, an they list goes on.   






(Anime Ambreen butting in)


[Poke’ Manic butting in]






A/N: If Poke Manic buts in, then I will to, same way they other way around. Why? So we can have fair turns if we don't we'll get in trouble! Characters might be OOC, so don't flame please!


Chapter 1: Hamtaro and Bijou Humans?!?    


"Mistress, we have the next victims." A man explained. He wore a cloth covering his face up enough for you not to notice his face but enough to see his deep cold blue eyes.


 He spoke to a woman who wore a long green dress to match her emerald green eyes. The sleeves reached down to her wrist and went loose over the rest of her hand the dress clung to her and her pitch black hair was pilled on top of her head. "Excellent. How long do they have?"


"The spell will be cast tomorrow and after that it will be a year's wait."


"Excellent. All I need is the souls of these two hamsters and then the galaxy will rule under my command!" The woman spoke picking up a spray bottle.


"Where'd you get that?"


"Silence! Now I must do my evil laugh!" The woman ordered as she sprayed some liquid from the bottle in her throat, then laughed, evilly, (You know like those crazy laughs all the villains always make.), [Yeah the ones that really get on your nerves.] while the man sweat dropped.


Suddenly Misty, [You know the girl from Pokemon.], (Yeah you can't miss her.), appeared out of nowhere and came up to the man. "Nice sweat drop." She growled tapping her foot, "Now give me back my Cerulean badge!" She snapped grabbing the badge and disappearing.


*If that's her badge then I gave…uh oh! * The man thought.


~~~Poke' World~~~


"Hey this isn't a badge! It's a sweat drop!" Gary cried, as one of those anger marks appeared on his head.


And Ash who just happened to be walking by saw it. "Cool!" He exclaimed grabbing it.


"Hey that's MY anger mark thingy!"


"No." Ash spoke as he scribbled something on it. "It's my tic tac toe thing!"


~~~Ham Ham Club House The next Day~~~


All the Ham Hams minus Hamtaro and Bijou were all at the clubhouse doing the usual. Boss was trying to think of new was to impress Bijou, Maxwell was reading a book, Panda was working on some new plans for whatever may come up, Oxnard was munching on that same old seed, Stan along with Dexter and Howdy were flirting or trying to impress Pashmina who just watched and listened, Snoozer was snoozing away, Sandy was trying to help Pashmina out, but the two left over Ham Hams were in a corner alone together. [Yes this is fic contains Cappy and Penelope romance in it!] (They're just too cute together!).


In the corner of the club house, "P-Penelope." Cappy stuttered.


"Ookyoo?"  {Yes?}


"Um… well uh … here!" Cappy jumbled as he handed Penelope a box wrapped in yellow and white-stripped paper.


"Ookyoo, ookyoo?" {For me?} Penelope questioned shocked as she accepted the box from Cappy. She opened it to see a yellow digging cap and a new cape. [You do know her skin is no yellow right?] (Yeah, she is white with a brown face kinda like Hamtaro or Maxwell. Really we saw it on the opening song if you put it on slow mo. When they are riding the train you'll see her pulling her cape up to reveal what she's wearing.) [It's true! You can try it!] "Ookyoo! Ookyoo!" {Wow! I love it!}


"Y-you do?" Cappy questioned, (Yes he can understand her.) [Why? I dunno it makes the story easier to write.], receiving a nod from the cheerful Penelope. *She really likes it! Wow! *


*I can't believe he actually got me a gift! Maybe he really cares for me! I sure hope so! * "Ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo!" {I've got to show this to Pashmina! Thank you, Cappy!} Penelope hugged Cappy before running over to Pashmina, leaving Cappy blushing like crazy.


*D-Did she just hug me? I think I'm going to faint. *




 “Ookyoo!” {Pashmina!}, Penelope cried running up to her friend. "Ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo!" She cried.


"Really? Wow! Hey guys Penelope says if we"


~~~Half an Hour later~~~


"Then we take the left at Alberkerky." Pashmina sighed as she fell over from lack of breath.


"Who knew if you traveled 3 hundred miles south, of three steps left of Hawaii, you’d be at Alberkerky?" Boss thought out loud. 


 She then grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled something down. "There's the rest." She sighed handing Boss a piece the paper.


"Okay let's see." Boss opened the paper, as it fell down and ran through out the whole room.



"Ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo, ookyoo!"


"Penelope says that's the long way, but she knows a short cut." Cappy sweat dropped as everybody else in the room fell over anime style.


"Okay, but one question. Where are we going?" Dexter questioned.




"She says that she knows a way we could make a quicker tunnel to Acorn Mountain, and the Amusement Park." Cappy explained.


"Well what do we have to do?"




"She say's follow her." Cappy instructed, as she ran out the door. 


*I like better right a note to Hamtaro and Bijou. It would be so uncool if they didn't like get to come. * Sandy thought, as she scribbled something on to a piece of paper, then running off.




"Bye Hamtaro!" Laura called running out the door.


"About time she left." Hamtaro sighed climbing up to the window in time to see Laura leaving. "I'm so late!" He cried dashing behind the dresser, and into the whole that lead to the roof. "Bye Brandy." Hamtaro waved as he dashed away. "I hope they haven't already gone somewhere." Hamtaro thought out loud. He was so busy thinking he didn't notice the pure white Ham-Ham running in front of him until "Ouch!"


"I'm zo zorry." Hamtaro lifted his head to see the white ham that also fell.


"Bijou! Why aren't you at the club house?" Hamtaro questioned.


"Maria waz late waking up. What about you?"


"Laura was really late." Hamtaro explained. "Anyway come on Bijou let's go." Hamtaro instructed as he began to walk. *At least I'm not the only one late. *






"Mistress the two hamsters are on their way there. And the rest of them have already left."


"Excellent. Go over there and make sure they stay." The woman spoke as she tossed her black hair back.


"Yes my lady."


"Oh by the way, you're not going to be able to fit in there if you're like that." The woman spoke, and then snapped her fingers. Suddenly the man began to glow black and his black cloth disappeared revealing black hair suddenly he shrunk down to Boss' height about five inches. His tiny body now became all black as he turned into a tiny black rodent, with the same cold blue eyes. "That's much better. Now go!" The woman ordered.


"Yes, mistress." The Hamster obeyed as he faded away.




The two hams had traveled all the way chatting about all the crazy adventures they had. "Hey remember the festival the one where all you girls made me tell Maxwell that Sandy liked him?" Hamtaro questioned.


"Oh yes. You didn't even remember what you were going to ask." Bijou laughed.


"Hey! I did it right?" Hamtaro explained. (For some reason that doesn't sound right.) [Shut up!].


"After you forgot."


"But still I told him." Hamtaro protested as they reached the door to the clubhouse.


 Hamtaro and Bijou both reached for the door at the same time and their hands caught each other instead of the doorknob. (Does that sound corny or what?) [Corny.] (*Hits Poke' Manic up side the head. * Shut up!) Bijou immediately turned bright red. Hamtaro on the other hand felt a bit of heat sneak up on his face. *Ah! Why am I blushing! It isn't like it's the first time! Hamtaro just forget it! * Hamtaro's mind screamed as he tried to shake the blush of his face, failing miserably. It wasn't long until Hamtaro realized that they're hands were still grasped to each other. "Sorry." Hamtaro apologized as he took back his hand.


"No it waz my fault." Bijou explained, and before the other ham could protest Bijou swung the door open. "Bonjour." Bijou called out to the empty room. "Where iz everyone?" Bijou questioned.


"I don't know." Hamtaro replied glancing around the room. "Hey, what’s this." Hamtaro held up the white piece of paper, reading it. "Ah! They already went somewhere, without us! Come on, Bijou." Hamtaro spoke dashing towards the door.


Suddenly the exit slammed shut. "Leaving so soon?" A voice spoke, as the black hamster appeared.


"Who are you?"


"My name is not important. But you two are." The Hamster spoke, pointing at the two.


"Heke?" Hamtaro and Bijou spoke, as those question marks appeared out of nowhere.


"Yes. You two should feel honored, you have been chosen for my mistress' plan to rule galaxy."


"Why would she want to rule the galaxy?" Hamtaro questioned.


"Shut up! Now you two have one year to go through the challenge she has chosen as humans, and if you don't pass your souls will be taken to her." The hamster explained.


"Humans? But we're hamsters."


The hamster sweat dropped. *This is one of the strongest souls in the world? * "You will be turned into humans, you also will be related to your owners." The hamster explained.


"What iz the challenge?"


"That you must find out for yourself. Pity you won't even get to say goodbye to your friends." The hamster spoke.


"What do you mean?"


"You'll soon find out." The hamster explained as he disappeared.


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