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One beautiful mourning Bijou was in her cage trying to figue out what 2 give Hamtaro(it was Hamtaro's birthday).
Bijou:Oh Hamtaro is going to the clubhouse any minute now but i still don't know what to give him!
Maria: Bye Bijou! I am going to Laura's birthday!
Maria left and Bijou was panicing.
Bijou *thinking*: I know what to give him!

So Bijou got out of her cage and walked to the clubhouse. On her way to the clubhouse she saw Hamtaro.
Bijou:Bonjour Hamtaro!
Hmataro:hamha Bijou!
Bijou:Um... Hamtaro
Bijou was about to say something but they were already in the clubhouse.
everyone:Happy Birthday Hamtaro!!!!
everyone gave hamtaro their gifts except Bijou.
Bijou was sitting in the corner alone crying.
Hamtaro walked up to her and said: Bijou are you ok?
Bijou:yeah, it's just i didn't get you a present.
hamtaro:that's ok i don't need presents
bijou:you dont
hamtaro:yeah all i need is you!
bijou:oh hamtaro, really
bijou:i love u hamtaro
hamtaro:i love you too.
so since it was hamtaro's birthday bijou gave hamtaro the most passionate kiss ever.
bijou: happy birthday hamtaro!
hamtaro:thanks that was my most favorite gift ever!
pashy/cheryl: i know it sucks but this is my 1st fanfic on this site so dont flame me plz!!!!