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One day Hamtaro woke up and saw Lora putting on a rain cote."Morning Hamtato it's going to be wendy and a chance of rain so I'm going to ware my raincote." Lora said. "Heki?" Hamtaro said.

"See ya!" Lora said.

Hamtaro went down the drainpipe and landed on Brandy "hamha Brandy" Hamtaro said. Brandy just moaned. "By-Q" Hamtaro said, and he rain to the clubhouse.

"Hamha" Hamtaro said. "Hamha" they all said.

Howdy and Dexter were arguing as usual, "Dose not!" "Dose to!" they both kept saying.

"So what are we going to do today?" Hamtaro asked.

"were going to colect acorns before it rains." Boss said.

"OK" Hamtaro said.



"Hay can someone help me with these acorns?" Pashmina said, Dexter-"I'll help!"

Howdy-"No I will!"

"No I will!"

"No I will!"

"No I will!"

And so on...

"It's only acorns" Pashmina said. Soon hard winds blew over them. "Lets get out of here!" Boss shouted. Every one rain to the clubhouse exept Dexter and Howdy because they were beting each other up with krokade malets. Then they stoped and looked around "Were is everbody" they said, before they could think the wind blew thm away, realy fare away.


When they landed on the ground Dexter said "Now what do we do!" "Make the best 3 out a 5?" Howdy said. "Will you forget about the krokade game we should find are way back and besides I won" Dexter said. "Are you saying it's my folt were lost!" Howdy said, "This is what I'm saying!" Dexter said, "that's it" Howdy said. And they both started beting each other up.


"Is everyone here" Boss asked they did a roll call and then Boss said "that's every one" but Hamtaro couldn't help thinking they forgot something. Sudenly it hit him it was way to quite! "Boss we forgot Dexter and Howdy!"

Dexter and Howdy where running trying to find shelter to get out of the rain. "There in that tree-cave!" Dexter said, they ran in. "This is a good spot to sleep" Dexter said.


They woke up and looked outside it stoped rainning, Dexter looked at Howdy and said "Just great I'm lost in the middle of nowhere with HIM!" They went outside and Howdy said "Lets get home!" "How where in the middle of nowhere! Dexter said, "No Dex I dont think were in the letter H, ha ha ha" "cant you atleast spare me from the stinky joks when where lost?" Dexter said "What about my joks Dex!" Howdy said.


"So do we have a plan to find 'em?" Hamtaro asked, "Yea I made a map to lokate them" Maxwell said "O Maxwell your so smart!" Sandy said. "How dose it work?" Hamtaro asked "It shows the wind pattern so I can see ware Dexter and Howdy landed" Maxwell replyd. "Neat" Hamtaro said "then lets get to work.

Dexter and Howdy looked around but every thing looked the same. "I cant beleave you got us lost again Howdy" Dexter said, "Now hold on there partener you got us lost! Howdy said.

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"Did not!"


Mean while the ham-hams searched and searched every ware "Ware are they!" Hamtaro shouted. "There just a little bit farther" Maxwell said, "you said that an hour ago" Hamtaro complained. Maxwell walked over to a tree "hif hif hif...they ben here! And they went...that way!!" Maxwell said. "All right!!" Hamtaro said "Hey I got it" Maxwell said, "Panda come over here for a minit" "OK" Panda said "Maxwell whisperd some stuff to Panda "A hue, a hue... YEA PERFECT!!" Panda quikly grabed wood and a hamer and started building some thing.

Dexter and Howdy were all dirty and pantting,"we tried every thing I'm out of ideas." Howdy said "Well that didn't last long." Dexter said, "Hey you take that back par'ner!" Howdy said. And they both started beating each other up.

"Hay ham-dued what are you like do'n?" Stan said, "You'll see." Panda said. "Well I'm sick of what'n, lets find thouse 2 so I can get on with my life!" "O shut it Stan!" Sandy said. "I'M HUNGRY!!!" Oxnard said. "Dont wory, wonce I'm done it will all be worth wiled." Panda said, "and... almost............DONE!!!"


NOTE: The suspence is killing you hue.

"Hi Hamtaro" Lora said, "on the my way back I met up with Kona, an she said she saw 2 Hamsters, one had a bow-tie and his fur looked like he was wareing glasess, and the other was wareing an aprin,she said she was going to drawl them to show me, pretty werd hue?" "You said it.. wate that sonds just like Dexter and Howdy!" Hamtaro thought.


"Ham I wish Lora & Kona would go some ware I got 'a help find Dexter and Howdy" Hamtaro said. "Almost...DONE!" Kona said "wow that's cute! Lets show Hamtaro!" Lora said. Hamtaro looked at the pictures "Holly cow! THAT IS Dexter and Howdy" Hamtaro thought. "So ware did you see 'um again" Lora asked, on the ege of the side walk I saw them comming out of the forest." Kona replied. "Weird, hey wonna go to the new mall down town!?!" Lora asked. "Yay go to the mall grate plane!" Hamtaro thought. Sure why not!" Kona said.

They leve.

"Finaly now I can go get to the Ham-Hams!" Hamtaro said, and he went down in the drain pipe and landed on Brandy "Ham-ha"


"Ohww, we looked every ware we just can't find them, were never going to see Pashmina again!" Dexter said, "Yay we got are selfs lost with no food it's all my foult"Howdy said "No it's intirly my foult." Dexter said, "Yay your right but I'll share some of the blame we got are selfs lost and now it's time for us to face the music." Howdy said, "What are we going to do," Dexter said "we should have another look around, we can work to gether as a team!" "Yay we can scout it out and we can find are shops in no time!" Howdy said. "It's a plane." Dexter said. "Kush Kush." they both said wiping there terse, and stated looking.



The Ham-Hams were ridding a humen sized scatebord with fan powerd jets. They were waring ahelments with atached gogles. "Yayhooooooo! I told ya' Stan!" Panda said, "STOP THIS CRAZY THING!!!" Stan shouted. "I can't we havent found um' yet!" Panda shouted bake.

5 min. Later

"Hay hams there they are! Panda said, and he stoped. "Ham Stan after that you arnt going to do anything soushal for a while." Hamtaro said. "You didn't see nothing dued!!!" Stan said Hamtaro laghft. "No way I dont think I ever saw Dexter and Howdy actully work together before." Cappy ran over. "yay your right!" The others came to see. "There in for a supprise! Hamtaro said they ran over to the tree they were on. "There they are!!!!!!!!" Dexter and Howdy said.


"Thanks for finding us." Dexter and Howdy said when they were at the club. "No prob we were happy to do it" Hamtaro said, "well I gess we should all get home." Yay" Dexter said. When every one left exsept Dexter and Howdy Pashmina came bake and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

Dexter and Howdy both fanted in hapyniss.