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Sunglasses and Berets
By HamClover
Note to readers- Hamha! This is the first of my fan fics about some gerbils that I own! There are new characters in this fan fic made by me. You must ask for my permission to use the characters Mable and/or Celeste. There are no humans in this story. Also, this fan fic is written in script form! E-mail me Enjoy!

Hamtaro- *badda, badda, badda* I’m late! Man! I wish Laura didn’t have to sleep in! The ham-hams better not be mad!
(In clubhouse. All ham-hams sitting at the circle table)
Boss-Hamtaro you’re late!
Dexter- What took you?
Howdy-Was the drain pipe clogged? (laughs)
(Sandy rolls her eyes)
Maxwell- I’m starving!
Oxnard- Oh! My stomach is growling!
Penelope- (jumping) Ookyoo! Ookyoo!
Panda- Well, shall we get going?
Boss- Okay, lets go outside then!
Hamtaro- Heke? What are we doing?
Bijou- Don’t you remember? We were gonna go on a picnic!
Hamtaro- Oh yea, heh heh, almost forgot!
Pashmina- Well what are we waiting for? Lets go!
Penelope- Ookyoo!
(Outside, next to a tree)
Oxnard- Yum! This sunflower seed tastes great!
Howdy- Oxnard, you always think sunflower seeds taste great!
Oxnard- Oh yea, I forgot! *khrrmp khrrmp*
(all the ham-hams eat, not noticing a stray cat stalking them. But then Pashmina spots the hungry feline.)
Pashmina- RUN! A CAT!!!
All- EEKK!!
(all start running, with the cat hot on their tails. Ahead of them is a blonde hamster, who has a white belly and black sunglasses on her head, running toward them, but not looking. The ham-hams don’t see her either. They then collide)
Hamtaro-Ouch! HEY! Get out of our way! Don’t you see this is a matter of life and death?!
(The blonde stranger seems unafraid of the hungry cat approaching)
Blonde Stranger- (pointing in a direction) LOOK! Mickey Mouse!!!
(The cat falls for the trick and runs off, expecting to find lunch)
Bijou- How did you do that?
Panda- Yea! You saved our lives!!
Hamtaro- It takes one brave ham to stand up to a cat!
Blonde Stranger- A ham? Ha! I’m no hamster!
Penelope- Ookyoo?
Dexter- Well you have to be! You look just like us!
Blonde Stranger- Well yea, I do, but I’m not hamster!
Pashmina- Then what are you?
Blonde Stranger- I’m a gerbil! See? (Shows tail) I have a tail!
Hamtaro- Really? I’ve never met a gerbil before!
Maxwell- According to my book, gerbils are very closely related to hamsters!
Boss- Who are you anyway?
Blonde Stranger- Me? I am Celeste Ann Stockdale! The pet of the famous actress Kari Stockdale!
Sandy- Uhh, can we just call you Celeste?
Celeste- Sure! That’s what my sist…
(Celeste is interrupted by a lilac gerbil wearing a yellow beret, who is slightly smaller than Celeste, calling her name and rushing up to them holding something)
Bijou- Who’s that?
Celeste- *sighs* That’s my sister Mable, the reason I was running in the first place.
(Mable came to Celeste without even noticing the ham-hams. She was holding a painting of a sunflower seed and the tip of her tail was wet with paint)
Mable- Looky! Looky Celeste! It’s a sunflower seed!
Celeste- (sarcastically) Whoopee.
(Mable pauses and looks at the ham-hams)
Mable- Who are they? Your audience?
Celeste- No!
Pashmina- What do you mean by audience?
Mable- Celeste is an actress, like our owner Kari, and I’m an artist!
Howdy and Dexter- Your owner is a celebrity?
Celeste- (proud) Yup!
Cappy- (Looking at painting) Oh! That painting is good!
Mable- (blushing) Thanks!
Oxnard- Looks good enough to eat!
Mable- Our owner just moved here.
Celeste- We really missed our old home and we had to leave so many friends!
Mable- And there are no gerbils around here!
Maxwell- You’re right, the gerbil population here is small, but there are plenty of hams to go around!
Celeste- Enough about us! Who are you?
(All the ham-hams introduce them selves)
Hamtaro- Well, since you saved our lives, would you like to hang out with us?
Ham-Hams- Please?
Celeste- Hmm, well, there’s nothing else to do around here. I say yes! What about you Mabe?
Mable- Yes!!!
Boss- Then it’s settled! Welcome!
(All cheer. Stan steps out of the crowd with his typical “flirt face” on.)
Stan- Hello Celeste, would you like me to give you a tour of the clubhouse my fine lady?
Celeste- (blushing) Oh, why thank you, kind gentleman!
(Arm in arm, Stan and Celeste walk in the clubhouse)
Panda- Well I guess we should go in too!
Bijou- I agree!
Penelope- Ookyoo!
(Dexter and Howdy are both blushing)
Dexter- Boy! She was something to look at!
Howdy- Yea, but Stan took her!
Dexter- But she will be mine!
Howdy- NO SHE WON’T!!!!!
(The two start fighting as they follow the others in. Only Cappy and Mable stay behind)
Cappy- Are you coming?
Mable- Oh, oh yea, sorry! Coming!
(The two walk in together. Back in the clubhouse, Mable is painting a picture of all the ham-hams, including herself and Celeste)
Mable- All done!
(She shows everyone except for Celeste. Everyone who finished looking walked away giggling)
Celeste- What’s so funny?
(She looks at the painting to see that the picture of herself had a mustache painted on)
Celeste- (furious) WHY YOU LITTLE!!!
Mable- Heh, heh…
(Celeste starts to chase Mable around the room. Everyone is a little embarrassed, but amused)
Stan- Ah, sisters, always such a pain.
Stan- Uh, heh heh, nothing!
(All laugh, except for Sandy, Stan, Celeste, and Mable, who are still chasing each other around the room)
Hamtaro- (Hanging painting) There!
Bijou- I think it looks good on that wall! Good idea!
Hamtaro- (blushing) Really? Thanks!
Mable- (tired, but still running.) Guys, a little help here!!
(All laugh)
The End *2003 HamClover*