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I made my own Fanfic of Hamtaro called Hamtaro tales. It's the adventures of Hamtaro and his friends, also including two new characters Nate and his hamster Tiki. 
Hamtaro Tales
Chapter’s 1 to 5
Chapter 1 – The Cappy Case
Hamtaro arrived at the clubhouse really late.
Hamtaro: Sorry for being the last one hear today. I slept in a little too late today.
Bijou: Oh Hamtaro! You had me worried!
Maxwell: Actually Hamtaro, your not the last one here. We are still waiting for Cappy.
Sandy: That’s strange, usually Cappy is the first one here.
Hamtaro: He probably just slept in like I did.
Pashmina: I’m not sure about that Hamtaro. Cappy always makes sure he is here on time.
Penelope: Oh-que!
Oxnard: His humans are probably home today so he couldn’t leave the house.
Panda: I talked to him yesterday. He said his humans would be at work all day.
Hamtaro: This deserves investigating!
Bijou: Oh Hamtaro, you are so smart! 
Boss: I was thinking the exact same thing, Bijou. Hamtaro just said it before me.
Maxwell: I agree with Hamtaro. We need volunteers to go find Cappy.
Hamtaro, Boss, and Howdy all raised their hands.
Pashmina: You are so brave, Howdy.
Dexter: I’ll go to, I’m much more braver than Howdy is, Pashmina.
Hamtaro: Come on Oxnard. We might need you.
Oxnard: Okay Hamtaro, if I have to.
The investigators left the ham-ham clubhouse.
Bijou: Be careful Hamtaro!
Panda: Okay guys, follow me. I know where Cappy’s house is.
The Ham-Ham Investigators arrive at Cappy’s house.
Panda: Follow me, there is a hole by the backdoor where we can get into the house by.
The Ham-Ham Investigators got into the house and ran up the steps and to the room where Cappy was.
Hamtaro: There’s Cappy!!!
Cappy: Keep it down.
Boss: Why?
Then a cat jumped in front of the Ham-Ham Investigators.
Ham-Ham Investigators: AHHH!
Cappy: Hide, quick!
The Ham-Ham Investigators jump under a bed and Oxnard’s sunflower seed flies out into the middle of the room where the cat was standing.
Oxnard: Oh no! My sunflower seed!
Hamtaro: I’ll get it Oxy!
Hamtaro speeds out into the middle of the room and takes the seed and runs back to their hiding spot.
Boss: We’re you trying to get yourself killed, Hamtaro?
The Cappy popped out of his cage and ran over to the Ham-Ham’s.
Cappy: Let’s get out of here now!
The Ham-Hams made a run for it and ran to every hiding spot that they could found until the cat spotted them and was about to eat them. Howdy and Dexter saw a vent behind them and started unscrewing it.
Howdy & Dexter: Follow us, Ham-Hams!
The Ham-Hams ran in the vent. The cat ran after them, but it got stuck. The Ham-Hams continued running until the found a hole that lead to the outside.
Cappy: Lets get out of here before the cat gets itself unstuck and finds us.
They ran all the way back to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse.
Stan: Finally, what took you so long?
Bijou: I didn’t see you volunteering, Stan. So don’t complain.
Maxwell: You found Cappy!
Boss: Yeah, and it’s a long story too.
Bijou: Well start explaining then.
Boss, Hamtaro, Howdy, Dexter, and Cappy all explained the story until it was time to go home.
(Back at home)
Laura: Today we had a lot of adventures.
Hamtaro: You can say that again!
Laura: And That means tomorrow will be even better!
Chapter 2 – Welcome! Tiki!
All of the Ham-Hams were at the clubhouse when they started to hear a pounding on the door.
Boss: Who possibly could it be?
Cappy: Who knows.
Boss answers a door and a gerbil is there.
Gerbil: I found this hamster in the gerbil’s clubhouse this morning. I think he belongs to YOU!
Boss: I’ve never seen him before.
Gerbil: Well keep him!
The Gerbil threw the hamster, who was wearing a mini Hawaiian shirt and sandals, into the Ham-Ham Clubhouse and left.
No-name Hamster: Hello friends.
Hamtaro: What were you doing in the gerbil’s clubhouse?
No-name Hamster: I just followed the gerbil and it lead me there. Then they yelled at me and brought me here. My owner, Nathan, and I just moved here from Hawaii.
Hamtaro: I think I remember Laura talking about the new kid in school called Nathan. So, what’s Hawaii?
Maxwell: It’s an island in the ocean. It’s warm and nice there. I read about it in a book once.
Hamtaro: It sounds great there! I want to go to Hawaii sometime. So what’s your name, anyway?
No-name Hamster: My name’s Tiki.
Hamtaro: My names Hamtaro.
Boss: And I’m Boss. That’s Oxnard.
Maxwell: I’m Maxwell. And this is Dexter, Howdy, and Panda.
Cappy: My name is Cappy.
Pashmina: My name is Pashmina, and this is Penelope.
Penelope: Oh-que!
Sandy: My name is Sandy, and he’s my brother Stan.
Bijou: I’m Bijou, nice to meet you.
Tiki: Nice to meet you to, Bijou.
Tiki kissed Bijou’s hand and she giggled. Then Boss looked angry and ran into his bedroom and slammed the door.
Tiki: What’s wrong with him?
Bijou: He can go a little wacky sometimes.
Hamtaro: I got an idea, what don’t you come with me and I can show you around town.
Bijou: That’s a great idea Hamtaro. I’ll come with you two.
Tiki: Great! It’ll be fun!
Hamtaro, Bijou, and Tiki left the clubhouse and went to the town to show Tiki around.
Hamtaro: That’s the bookstore, Maxwell lives there.
Bijou: And over there is the eyeglass story. Dexter lives there. Right next to it is the grocery store.
Tiki: Let me guess, that’s Howdy’s house!
Hamtaro: Yep! And coming up is the neighborhood where I live.
They Ham-Hams kept on walking until they came up to Hamtaro’s house.
Hamtaro: That’s my house. And that’s Brandy. Over there is Oxnard’s house.
Bijou: There is my house!
Tiki: Wow! You guys all live really close to my house right over there!
The Ham-Hams finished up their tour and went back to the clubhouse.
The day went by fast. All the Ham-Hams played games until it was time to go home. Back at Hamtaro’s house, Laura was writing in her journal.
Laura: Hamtaro guess what? The new boy at school I told you about asked Kana and me to bring our hamsters over to his house tomorrow so they can play! Won’t that be fun?
Hamtaro: You mean Tiki’s house? Great!
Laura: Today was really great, and that defiantly means that tomorrow will be even better!
Chapter 3 – The Tiki Adventure!
Laura: Let’s go Hamtaro! We don’t want to keep Nate waiting!
(Laura picks up Hamtaro’s carrier and jumps down the steps and races out the door)
Laura: Bye Mom! I’m off to Nate’s house! 
Laura’s Mom: Okay, see you when you get back!
(Laura meets Kana outside)
Kana: I’m so excited! This will be so much fun getting to know him. And I definitely know Hamtaro and Oxnard will have a great time with his hamster!
Laura: Totally! I’m can’t wait to meet his hamster. I bet you his really cute like Hamtaro and Oxnard!
(They all arrive at Nate’s house)
Laura: Wow! This looks awesome. It’s like we are in Hawaii!
Kana: He told me that his parents bought lots of plants from Hawaii so it would remind them of their old home.
(They knock on the door and Nate answers)
Nate: I’m glad you could come. Follow me, I’ll show you where my hamster is.
(Nate led them to his backyard where it was sandy and had lots of palm trees and other Hawaiian-like stuff)
Nate: Just let them go back here. We made the whole backyard for especially for Tiki so he could play all day.
(Nate whistled and Tiki came running)
Laura: That’s Tiki? He’s so cute!
Kana: You taught him to respond to your whistle?
Nate: Yeah, I did it one time in Hawaii during a storm. There was nothing to do so I decided to teach him to respond to my whistle.
Laura and Kana: Cool!
(Laura and Kana let Hamtaro and Oxnard go and the three hamsters ran off)
Laura: Look at that, it’s like the have already met Tiki before!
(Nate, Laura, and Kana go inside of the house)
(Tiki led Oxnard and Hamtaro into some bushes)
Tiki: Look who’s here!
(All of the Ham-Hams popped out)
Hamtaro: What are you guys doing here?
Bijou: Tiki came and got us just before you came.
Sandy: He brought us here so we could all play together!
Hamtaro: Great! We’ll have so much fun.
Oxnard: So, do you have any sunflower seeds?
Tiki: Do I ever! I also got some pineapple and coconut too. Follow me.
(Tiki ran off with all of the ham-ham’s following to a big pond)
Boss: Who’s Emerald?
(Then a turtle popped up out of the pond)
Tiki: Okay everybody hop on.
Dexter: I don’t think there is enough room for all of us on him.
Howdy: For once, I agree with Dexter.
Tiki: I know. That’s why we also have, DIAMOND!
(Then another turtle popped up out of the water)
Oxnard: Oh no! Here comes Kana!
Hamtaro: And Laura!
Tiki: And Nate!
Stan: Oh no! They’ll see us!
Tiki: Emerald, Diamond full speed to the food island!
(In no time the two turtles arrive at a tiny island in the middle of the pond with a big pineapple, coconut, and a he stash of sunflower seeds!)
Tiki: Here we are! I call this the Food Island because this is where I keep all of my snacks.
Boss: I think I’ll try the coconut!
Dexter: Me too!
Hamtaro: The pineapple sounds good.
Tiki: You can eat as much as you want, if I run out I’ll just go get more.
Bijou: Thank you, Tiki! You’re so kind!
Penelope: Ookyoo!
(The Ham-Hams ate all of the food in no time)
Tiki: Whoa! It looks like you were hungry!
Cappy: Yeah, we haven’t had much to eat at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. The sunflower seeds are running low.
Tiki: Just follow me, I’ll show you where all the food is grown. You can even take some back to the clubhouse!
Oxnard: Ahhh… Sunflower seeds!
(The Ham-Hams jumped onto the two turtles and road off to the other side of the pond)
Tiki: Here we are Ham-Hams!
(The turtles approached a huge field full of coconut and pineapple trees)
Tiki: Just take whatever you like!
Panda: Thank you, but where are the sunflower seeds?
Tiki: Right over there.
Oxnard: Wow! Look at those things!
(Oxnard ran off to the sunflowers at full speed)
(The Ham-Hams spent the rest of the day there until Laura and Kana called for them)
Hamtaro: That’s Laura and Kana! It’s time to go home.
Oxnard: But I don’t want to leave yet!
Boss: Me and the other Ham-Hams will take the food back to the clubhouse, and we will see you all tomorrow.
Hamtaro: Okay. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
(Tiki left with Hamtaro and Oxnard on Emerald over to Laura, Kana, and Nate)
Laura: There you are! What are you doing on that turtle?
Nate: It looks like Tiki showed them his turtle. He rides the turtle all around the pond.
Kana: Neat!
(Laura and Kana pick up the hamsters)
Laura: Look at these drinks Nate made us. Mine is a fruit smoothie, and Kana’s is a Citrus Delight!
(Kana and Laura leave to go home)
Laura: Thanks for everything! See you at school in two days!
Kana: Yeah, thanks!
(Back at home right before Laura goes to bed)
Laura: Today was great. Nate showed us all of his pictures of Hawaii, and even shared some yummy drinks. He also gave us some yummy food called Pineapple, Coconut, Kiwi, and even some Watermelon!
Hamtaro: We only got pineapples, coconuts, and sunflower seed. I would like to try some of that kiwi and watermelon stuff.
Laura: Today was great, and that means tomorrow will probably be even better!
Chapter 4 – The Picnic Across The River
Laura: Guess what Hamtaro? Kana and I are going to have a picnic across the river! Kana’s Dad just bought a new boat, and he said he would take us over to the other side of the river so we can have a picnic and play for the whole day! Too bad you can’t go. Well I have to go eat breakfast and shower. See you later Hamtaro!
(Laura runs out of the room and dashes downstairs)
Hamtaro: I gotta tell the Ham-Hams! We can all hop along and have our own picnic!
(Hamtaro escapes out of his cage and runs to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse)
Maxwell: Hello Hamtaro, what’s the hurry?
Hamtaro: Laura and Kana are going on a picnic with Kana’s Dad across the river. I thought we could hop along.
Bijou: What a great idea, Hamtaro!
Oxnard: Kana was telling me about the picnic, and I thought the same thing!
Hamtaro: I knew you would think that too, Oxy.
Maxwell: All of us shouldn’t go. Why don’t you, Oxnard, and Bijou just go. We will stay here and have our own picnic.
Boss: Hey! I want to go with them!
Hamtaro: Okay Boss, that’s okay!
Oxnard: I thought you get seasick, Boss.
Bijou: Well, let’s pack the supplies and we better get going. We wouldn’t want them to leave without us.
Hamtaro: Bijou’s right.
(The Ham-Hams packed their supplies and ran off after they said goodbye)
Bijou: This will be exciting!
Oxnard: I think I see Kana’s Dad!
Boss: And there’s the boat!
(Boss, Bijou, Hamtaro, Oxnard all hop inside of the boat and hide in the picnic basket)
Hamtaro: Look at all of this yummy food!
Oxnard: I’m going to have a great time eating all of this!
Hamtaro: No Oxy. We got our own food to eat. That’s Laura, Kana, and Conrad’s food.
Bijou: Silly Oxnard.
(Boss peaked out of the basket and saw that they were almost there)
Boss: Hey guys, it looks like we are here!
(The Hamtaro peeked out of the basket too)
Hamtaro: Boss is right. We need to get out of the basket fast or they will find us! Follow me!
(Oxnard jumped out of the basket and his sunflower seed rolled back into the basket. Oxnard went back in to get his sunflower seed, while Boss, Hamtaro, and Bijou where already out)
Hamtaro: Come on Oxnard. You don’t have to be afraid.
Oxnard: It’s not that, it’s that my sunflower seed is in here somewhere.
Boss: Hurry up Oxnard, here comes Kana’s Dad.
Oxnard: I found it!
(But it was too late, Conrad opened up the basket)
Hamtaro: Oh great, now he’s gonna get it. Kana will lock him up for good! We will never see the poor ham again!
Bijou: Look there he is!
(Oxnard popped out of the basket when Conrad looked towards Kana and Laura to see if they had found a spot)
Boss: That was a close one! He almost got caught.
Oxnard: Hey guys.
Hamtaro: You almost got caught!
Bijou: Well he didn’t. Let’s have our picnic.
(The Ham-Hams ran onto the grass and climbed up a tree and pulled out their food and started to eat. After they finished eating, they started to play ham and seek, the tag, and finally they had a little race. And soon it was time to go home, so the ham-hams retreated back to the picnic basket. On the trip home all of the ham-hams took a little ham-ham nap and woke up right before the got to the other side of the river)
Bijou: I had a great time, Hamtaro. Thanks for bringing me with. You are so sweet!
(Bijou leaned over and gave Hamtaro a little kiss)
Boss to himself: Why does Hamtaro always get the girls?
(Later that night when Laura is writing in her journal)
Laura: I had a great time with Kana and her Dad. You would’ve had a blast, Hamtaro! Too bad you and Oxnard could’ve came with.
Hamtaro: But Laura we did!
Laura: Today was exciting, and I will guarantee you that tomorrow will be much better! Good night Hamtaro!    
Chapter 5 – The Ham-Ham Baby-sitter!
Laura: Know what Hamtaro? Kana’s family and my family are going to go camping together! Won’t that be a blast? And my Grandma said that she would come and baby sit you and Oxnard! Well I better get going, I don’t want to be late! Bye Hamtaro!
(Laura ran outside and got in the car with Kana.)
Hamtaro: Oh great! Laura’s Grandma is coming! This will be so exciting! She always brings me sunflower seeds from her field!
Boss: Who does?
(Hamtaro turns around and sees Boss on the windowsill)
Hamtaro: What are doing here Boss?
Boss: Well I was walking over to Tiki’s house, then I heard you talking about sunflower seeds and I decided to check it out.
Hamtaro: Laura’s family and Kana’s family left to go camping, and Laura’s Grandma is coming to baby sit me and Oxy!
Boss: Which Grandma? The one who lives on the sunflower ranch?
Hamtaro: Yep!
Boss: Oh boy! We are going to have a sunflower seed party.
(Hamtaro and Boss don’t notice it, but Cappy, Panda, Howdy, Dexter, Maxwell, Stan, Tiki, and Oxnard show up on the window sill)
Oxnard: You’re going to have a sunflower seed party with and me?
Cappy: And the rest of us?
Hamtaro: Of course not! I’m going to invite all of the Hams! And maybe even the gerbils too! Their will be sunflower seeds galore!
(Then Bijou and the rest of the girls show up)
Bijou: Really, Hamtaro? That will be great!
Hamtaro: Oh, hello Bijou! I didn’t know you guys showed up.
Pashmina: So when is this party going to be?
Boss: I know! It will be tonight at the Clubhouse! But right now, we can use baskets and hats to bring the sunflower seeds to the clubhouse from here. We all will be really spaced out big time and we can run to the other person and give them the basket and they run and give it to the other person and so on until we got enough sunflower seeds for the party. Then we all return home and just wait till their humans or babysitters are asleep then come to the clubhouse and we can party all night!
(The ham-hams didn’t know it, but a gerbil listened to the whole thing and left and told all of his “Ger-Ger” friends.)
Howdy: Let’s get started then! Find some baskets and will be ready to go!
Hamtaro: But there is only one problem, Laura’s Grandma isn’t here.
Tiki: Correction, she is here!
(The Laura’s Grandmother opened the front door)
Hamtaro: Hide guys! I better get to my cage!
(Hamtaro ran up the stairs and into Laura’s bedroom where he hopped in his cage right before Laura’s Grandmother came in with the sunflower seeds!)
Laura’s Grandma: Here you go little guy! I brought a lot of sunflower seeds for you and your little friend across the street (Oxnard). I hope you’re hungry because you’ll eating sunflower seeds for the rest of your life)
Hamtaro Thought: That’s what she thinks! But the Ham-Hams are going to have a party tonight and eat them all up in no time!
Laura’s Grandma: Well it was a long drive here, and now I’m ready to take a short nap!
(Laura’s Grandmother left the room and went back downstairs and into the living room where begun sleeping)
Hamtaro: Did you here that? She’s going to take a nap. Now we will have time to get the sunflower seeds to the Clubhouse.
Boss: Okay, while you were in your cage everybody got in their positions and we collected enough baskets and buckets. All you have to do is drop the sunflower seeds out the window and they will land in the bucket. I will empty the bucket into my basket and pass it on to the next persons basket and so on until they get to the clubhouse.
(They kept working at it until they figured it out that it was going to take too long. So the Ham-Hams just sat on the lawn in a little bunch trying to think of a better way)
Dexter: We all could pull it to the clubhouse!
Maxwell: That bag is by far too heavy.
(They sat and sat for minutes and minutes until the Gerbils came up!!!!)
Leader Gerbil: Need some hope Ham-Hams?
Hamtaro: Ger-Gers? What re you doing here?
Leader Gerbil: Me and my gang will help you only if you will let us party with you too at your place.
Hamtaro: That sounds like a deal! Us Ham-Hams couldn’t eat all of those sunflower seeds, but if you guys helped us we could have an even better party and have not leftovers!
(So the Ham-Hams and Ger-Gers all worked together and in no time the had all of the sunflower seeds to the clubhouse.)
Hamtaro: It looks like we’re finished! Now we just have to wait in our cages until it’s time for the party!
(And that’s what they just did. When the party started, everybody was there. All of the Ham-Hams and Ger-Gers had a great time. The next few days passed rather quickly and soon Laura and Kana were back home from their camping trip)
Laura:  Wow Hamtaro! We had a wonderful time camping. We got to go hiking, swimming, and a whole bunch of stuff. This weekend was great, and tomorrow will probably be just as exciting! Won’t it Hamtaro?
(Laura closed her journal and went to sleep.)
Leader Gerbil: Everest 
Leader Ham: Hamtaro
Other Boy Gerbils: Frank, Chip, Skippy, Sparks, Dozer, and Bear
Other Boy Hams: Boss, Howdy, Cappy, Panda, Snoozer, and Oxnard
Other Girl Gerbils: Cinnamon, Sugar, Paisley, and Jazzy         
Other Girl Hamsters: Pashmina, Penelope, Bijou, and Sandy