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okay!! here we go. this is a REALLY funny and yet disturbing story about MAXWELL!! have you ever noticed why his head is so LONG?? well, now you'll find out why! yay! email or if you LOVE this story or want to check out our website at  HAMTARO! awww cute :)\   The Story of Maxwell's EXTREMELY Long Head (hehehehe)    Okay, this is the REALLY weird story of why Maxwell's head is so LONG! MAN! he has a longhead (told by MashiMaro) warning: this story may disturb you so severely that you can not . . . . CHICKEN! Once upon a time. no, foot. no day. eh. Maxwell's parents owned a Lumber Company. They had the ONLY Lumber Company in the whole WORLD! (eh, hehe) So, of course, havin' the only Lumber Company and all, they had a lot of buisness. The following day was the not so famous, bring your daughter to work day.  well, as you can probably seeeeeee. Maxwell is a  . . . BOY! Not a girl. Maxwell was so sad and all, (and also mad at that person who invented that day)  that he started thinking.   What if he WAS a girl??  then he could go to bring your daughter to work day and everyone would be all happy.. Suddenly this thought bubble popped outta his head with a little light bulb in it (for those of you who don't understand what's happening, HE GOT AN IDEA!)  Maxwell wondered if he could MAKE himself look like a girl. Then he could miss skool and go to bring your daughter to work day. YAY! he thought.  THAT'D BE, UH I DUNNO, UH VERY EXTREMELY GOOD. So, Maxwell went to work.  if i put mixture a with b, he thought. will i look like a girl?  Well, doin all the mathwork with his idea wasnt working out. So, he decided to just use some of his mothers' makeup. even though she doesn't have any. eh. So, in a few hours, uh minutes. Maxwell was now Maxinawell. HAHA^_^ The next day, MAXWELL, i mean MAXINAWELL got to go with his, uh her parentals to the Lumber Company. Since Maxinawells' parents didnt have a car, they called upon the GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIANT Apricot Of Happiness to wisk them away to a wonderful, magical land of chikkins and smelly toes. where everyone was sooooo happy and there were pancake people that sang: PANCAKES!! PAAAAAANCAAAAKES!!!! do not pour immitation syrup on us! only pour natural syrup on us! becauseifyoupourimmitationsyruponuswewillbreakoutin HIIIIIIIIIIVES!!!!!. Maxinawell was frightened by all this meaningfull nonesense, s/he forgot s/he was reallllly hungary. so when the Earth Mother heard hir prayrs, she rained down a flood of raddishes just for him, er..her. The raddishes were so big that they could just jump up, sprout legs and do a fancy russian jig! eh. FINALLY, after years and years of traveling, they reached the Lumber Company which was across the street.  Maxinawell was very, very happy that he, umm...she finally got to go to the Lumber Company, so s/he jumped up and down and break danced and then threw up(heh) AT the Lumber Companys' gate, all the workers greated Maxinawell and her parental units. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY came up to Maxinawell and said how cute s/he were. Maxinawell was having the bestest day in hir life.....UNTIL that one dreadful moment(oooooh, dreadful...)..... Maxell had convinced all the peeps he was a girl, so he decided to go take a break and eat some stuff and go to the bathroom. BUT(big but...hehe) before he could go anywere, he saw something . IT WAS A LOG RIDE!!!!! y'know like the one at disney land....uh...yeah BUT(big but again...hehe)IT WAS'NT!!!! It was a log compressor!!!!!!!(NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) And being the smelly little kid he was, he got on the log-compressor ride thing. WHEE! he thought it was so fun until(DUN DA DA DUNNN!!!!) he started going faster and faster and still, faster and then he got to the compressing part. and one thing leads to another, HE GOT COMPRESSED!!!!! OOOH, COMPRESSED HE DID GET!!!!  and when he did come out he was all stretched out, or at least his head was. Well, after that s/he got back to normal, but hir head was still all long and stretched. Maxinawell went out of the room and everybody looked at her. THEY HAD NOTICED THAT HE WASN'T A GIRL!!! but nobody said anything about his long head... THEN one of the worker hams yelled "HEY!!!! that kid isnt a girl!!!! make him go back to skool!!!" Maxwell was very very sad about being found out he had forgot completely about going to the bathroom and went back to skool on the giant apricot that had brought him over there...AND that is how Maxwells head got to be so long. THE END "MASIMARO!! THAT IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE!!!! I WAS JUST BORN THIS WAY!!!" yelled Maxwell "YOU SHUT UP!!! I AM A COP AND YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!!!" MashiMaro screamed back "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!? YOU ARENT A COP, YOUR ONLY NINE!!!! " Maxwell shouted in rage " GET AWAY!!!!!YOU SMELL LIKE FEET!!!!!" MashiMaro screamed again Maxwell: O.O