The Mysterious Hamster
By: Manny


[ Hamtaro was sitting in his cage thinking about something ]
I wonder what Spat meant when he said "there will be other like me, you just wait and see!"

Hamtaro: well I shouldn't really worry about because now he is gone and everything is back to normal.

Laura: See ya later Hamtaro, I'm goning to camp with my friends

Hamtaro: bye Laura

Hamtaro: I better get going to the clubhouse, maybe the Ham-Hams can all go on a camp.

[ Hamtaro gets out of his cage and slide down the rain pipe as usual]


Hamtaro: Good morning! Brandy

[ Brandy yawns ]

Hamtaro: I knew you say that. Later

[ Hamtaro rushes to the clubhouse, little does he know that he is being watch by someone ]

hamster with black staff: so this is the hamster, that my cousin was talking about.

[ The hamster whistles, and another hamster carrying a sword on his back appeared right behind him ]

hamster with black staff: ok i want you to take this hamster out and if you succeed you will be reward handsomely

hamster with a sword on his back: let me take a look at him........ wait he is only a kid, why do you hate him so?

hamster with black staff: Look its a long story, just do what i told you and here is a paper of each hamster's profile it might be useful.

hamster with a sword on his back: ya ok calm down...... ( hmm somehow i feel like i know this orange fur'd hamster ).... o well a job is a job, I think

[ the hamster with sword leaves ]

hamster with black staff: heh heh, little does he know I'm just using him for a while then I'll destroy him too because he also has the blood of a hero but he doesn't remember his past.... heh heh I'll finally avenge my cousin's death

[ Meanwhile, Hamtaro and the others are having a camping trip near the woods ]

Pashmina: Can we stop here i'm getting real tired carrying these seeds here

Penelope:( sounding tired )ookyoo...

Boss: I think we can stop here and have a bite eat

Oxnard: wow! look at all these seeds ( he starts eating )

Hamtaro: Oxnard! those are my seeds!!

Bijou: don't worry, Hamtaro, you can have some of my seeds if you want

Hamtaro: thanks a lot Bjiou, your the best

Bijou: ( blushes )

Hamtaro: heke? what's wrong Bijou?

Bijou: oh its nothing really

Hamtaro: ok if you say so, Boss are we gonna go exploring in the woods , soon?

Boss: uhh... sorry Hamtaro but i just want to rest a little here and eat all these sunflower seeds before Oxnard eats them all

Hamtaro: oh ok

Bijou: I'll come with with you Hamtaro

Boss: ( nervous sweat drop ) Heke!?

Hamtaro: ok then let's go

Boss: Hold it!

Hamtaro: Heke? what is it Boss?

Boss: I've changed my mind, I'm coming with ya

Hamtaro: That's great, so let's get going

[ Hamtaro,Bijou, and Boss were all walking in the woods and the mysterious hamster was following them ]

Boss: Hamtaro, do you know where are you going?

Hamtaro:uhh... no, i think we are lost....

Bijou: Hamtaro, if you are scared you know i'm right here by your side

Hamtaro: don't worry I'm not scared

[ Hamtaro hears someone behind him ]

Hamtaro: is there someone behind us?

Boss: I don't see anyone

[ They hear the bushes moving ]

Hamtaro: ok now i'm getting scared.... hold me Boss

Boss: Don't worry I'll protect both of ya

[ A hamster comes out of the bushes ]

Hamtaro: phew its only a fellow hamster

Boss: hmm... he doesn't look like any normal hamster I've seen before

Bijou: Hamtaro, he looks almost like you except for that shiny glove on his left hand

hamster with sword on his back: this is a guantlet not a shiny glove.... and my fur pattern is not exactly similar to his, although my fur is the same color as his.

Hamtaro: are you lost too?

hamster with sword on his back: No, I was following you Hamtaro

Hamtaro: how do you know my name?

hamster with sword on his back: nothing personal but I was order to destroy you and the Ham-Hams

[ hamster takes out his blue sword ]

Hamtaro: ( gasp )

Boss: hey, if you wanna get near Hamtaro you will have to go through me first.

[ Boss takes out his trusty shovel ]

hamster with sword: you gotta be kidding me

[ Boss runs toward the hamster but the hamster disappears right in front of him ]

Boss: Heke? where did he go?

hamster with sword: I'm right behind you

[ the hamster kicks him and paralyze Boss ]

Boss: ahh can't move

hamster with sword: Is that all you got? tch tch and you call yourself a field hamster

Hamtaro: why are you doing this? who are you?

hamster with sword: I was ordered that's all and you can call me Armic

Hamtaro: Boss are you alright?

Boss: Hamtaro.... run and take Bijou with you for your own safety

Hamtaro: but...

Boss: go run, i'll be ok

Hamtaro: ok i'll take Bijou back and then I'm coming back for you

[ Hamtaro and Bijou makes a run for it ]

Armic: tch tch they run so slow... i'll get him

Boss: you are not going anywhere

[ Boss swing his shovel and whack Armic in the back of his head]

Armic: arrgghh

[ Armic falls ]

Boss: not so tough now huh?

[ Armic gets up right away and punches Boss and he falls ]

what you are still fine!?

Armic: you actually think it was over that easy? I'm no ordinary hamster. Heh heh you are no match for me. I was order to show no mercy but for some reason I'm starting to feel soft .... I better finish you off quick so i can get my reward...

[ Armic walks closer to Boss ]

Boss: Hamtaro, I'm sorry

[ Boss falls unconscious ]

[ Armic put his sword in position ready to finish off Boss ]

Is this the end of Boss? What will become of Hamtaro and the other Ham- Hams?
to be continued......
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