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 Title: After all the wishes
   Author's note:
     O.k here is what happened when all the wishes were made, PLus this part might be a bit mushy or too romancey, but yah I think theere will be alittle bit of humor. Now the story.
    After All the Wishes
 (To Hamtaro)
    Hamtaro: *wakes up and yawns* Ahhhh, morning, and I think Laura already left, Better go to the clubhouse.
   Hamtaro takes his way trought his short cut and on his way he mets up with Bijou.
   Hamtaro: Hello Bijou, did you see the shooting star last night?
   Bijou: Why yes Hamtaro, Did you make a wish??
   Hamtaro: Yeah, I did So what did you wish for*Begins to blush*?
  Bijou: I can't tell or else it won't come true.* Blushes*
  Hamtaro: ohhh.
   walkes in sleince for the rest of the way until they reach the clubhouse
     Boss: Hello Hamtaro and lovely Bijou.
Hamtaro:* starts to get a bit mad*'way I outta'
  Author's note: What will happen next???
     Well first of all I need your opinouns before I contiune. O.k remeber e-mail me at purplegurlflower@msn O.k????  PLease e-mail me, and tell me what color to write it in next.
    So long for now.
  It's a cliff hanger now.