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 Title: Hamtaro's Wish
 Discription: This is about what Hamtaro and the other
ham-hams would wish for on a falling star. All in romance,
humor, and more strange things.
    A word from the author, Hello People pleaze do not get mad at me,
And This is my very VERY first Fanfiction I've ever or will write. Unless
the reader's want me to write more. And you can contact me at O.k now with the story.
   The story:
      IT was a clear beutiful night, and the stars were out in the night, When
all the ham-hams were out, or looking out the window and watching the night sky.
  When a falling star shot out of the sky.
  Hamtaro: I remeber that, Laura made a wish on one of those. I'll make one too.
In thought ' I wish that Bijuo would like me and maybe go on an adventure with me'
 (now Bijuo and the same time hamtaro made a wish)
 Bijuo:Hamtaro I hope you see this too, now to wish ' I wish that Hamtaro would like me too,
and sing his cute little song to me again'
 (To Boss)
   Boss: I guess I should wish now ' I wish Biju and I would become more than JUST friends'
 (To Sandy)
  Sandy: I'm gonna make a wish now ' I wish people would admire me all over the world'
 (To Dexter)
  Dexter: I better make a wish and quick ' I wish Pashmina would like me and Howdy would
Stop likeing her'
 (To HOwdy)
  Howdy: Look a falling star 'I wish Pashmina would like me and that Dexter would stop liking her!'
 (To Penelope)
    Penelope: ' I wish me and Pashmina would be my bestfriend'
 ( To Pashmina)
   Pashmina: I wish ' that me and all the ham-hams will alwas be friends'
 (To Panda)
  Panda: I wish ' that I could do buisness with the president'
  (To Cappy)
  Cappy: ' I wish I could own all the hat's in the world hahahahahahaaha' ^_^
 ( To Oxnard)
   Oxnard;' I wish that I could have a house full, no made and full of food'
 (To Maxwell)
  Maxwell: ' I wish I could own all the books of the world'
 ( To Snoozer)
  Snoozer: ' I wish Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'
  Then after everyone made a wish they all went to sleep.
  To be continued...........
   Author's note: Hello so how bad was it was it good?? E-mail your opinions at .
       REMEMBER!! PLEAZE?!?!?!?!??!?!?!