"Hamtaro, what do you think he meant?"


"I don't know, Bijou." Hamtaro sighed glancing at Bijou. "Bijou! You're disappearing!" Hamtaro pointed to her hand that was fading away.


"Ah! Hamtaro, what iz happening?" Bijou cried. "Hamtaro! You're too." Bijou pointed towards his hand, which was fading as well.


Suddenly a familiar voice spoke up. "You're turning into humans, just like the hamster said."


Both Hams turned to see that the only one there was Snoozer. "Snoozer? Hamtaro he iz right!" Bijou remembered.




"I tell the hams. Zu, zu, zu" Snoozer snoozed. At this point Hamtaro and Bijou only had their top halves left, "Bye zu, zu, zu"


"Bye, Snoozer. Bye Bijou." Hamtaro called, as he got up to his head.


"Au revoir, Snoozer. Au revoir, Hamtaro."{Good bye} (See I know French) [She doesn't, she just found it on the net.] (Shut up) Bijou called as the rest of them disappeared. 


~~~Later That Day~~~


"I'm home!" Laura called as she stepped in the house.


"Laura, your cousin Hamtaro is coming, from Houston Texas this Friday!" Laura's mom called.


"I have a cousin Hamtaro?" Laura questioned confused.


"Yes last time he came you were only two."


"Really? How long is he staying?"


"He is staying for a year, since his parents are going on a trip all over the world and can't afford to take him."


"A whole year? Wow. By the way mom have you considered getting me a hamster?"






"Alright I'll make you a deal. If you behave and make Hamtaro feel at home for the year then I'll get you a hamster."






"Of course I'll watch Bijou for a year!" (In case you're wondering Maria is 20 in this story.) [We couldn't have her really young or else the story wouldn't work. Besides you never see her with parents.] (And on Christmas it was only Maria and Bijou.)


// Merci Maria! I don't what we would do without you! //  


"You don't have to thank me Cousin Claire. [Cousin Claire? Isn't that from the Cosby Show?] (Well I couldn't think of anything and you were no help) I love watching after her, she's like the little zister I never had. So when is she coming?"


// It's Wednesday there? //


"Oui." {Yes.} (And it's pronounced Wee.) [Not Oh]


// Then she'll be there Friday. //




// Her plane is number 765 France airline. It will arrive at 8:00 pm. //




"But mama, can't I go to Houston?" A blond girl questioned.


"And where will you stay?"


"Um Maybe I could find a friend"


"Bijou. That was two years ago, he has probably moved. Anyway even if he waz still there you're going to Japan." (Wondering who's her friend.) [Come on think. You should know.]


"Yes mama."


"Good now go and pack your things your flight leaves in tonight."




"Hamtaro what's wrong?" A woman with brown hair, and brown eyes questioned.






"Well I was kinda hoping going to France this year."


"Hamtaro that was two years ago, she probably doesn't even remember you."


"I know, I was just hoping…never mind."


*That you could see her again. Oh Hamtaro, that was two years ago and your still stuck on her. *  "Anyway dinner's going to be ready in five minutes so wash up. And after dinner you're flight will be leaving."






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