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This is a FAN site ppl!
This means you'll find fan stuff here. Made by fans for fans.

Update ::Aug-16-2003
• New ham ham in the Characters section
thanks Carol!
Update ::Aug-10-2003
• New Fan-fic by Manny!
The Mysterious Hamster go see!
Note 4 Carol ::Aug-9-2003
• The rest of you out there can ignore this :)
• Sorry I cant reply though e-mail. (it always bounces back)
You don't bug me! *shakes head* Your e-mails really help me with this site. Nothin' but big hugs for you!
ttyl, -Cabbit
Note ::July-31-2003
• Does anyone know who this is:

Carol's been trying to get information out of me for a little while (^_^ ♥) but I have no idea who this is. An e-mail would be appreciated!
xOxO ~Cabbit
Update ::July-26-2003
• One new link.
• Updated the About Cabbit page.
Update ::July-14-2003
Back from the dead.
• New fan-fic by HamClover, "Sitting in a Tree"
• Two new links in the links section.

I'm going! Are you?
~Cabbit ♥
Noteidge ::May-12-2003
•I like to give a shout out to Carol for helping me with the character page.
Carol, I'd have e-mailed you, but my e-mails bounce back.
^_^ Just wanted to say that I appreciate your help, & Than-Q!
•New Submittions rules =PLEASE READ= them before submitting!
ta-ta, ~Cabbit
UPDATE ::Apr-27-2003
•^_^ thanks to Lena* for awarding We Love the Ham-Hams with this award!

•1 new link in the links section
•Bunch of new Fan-art!
:3 ...some of which is mine
•Picture of Ritsuko Kawai (Hamtaro creator) in About section
Ja, Cabbit
UPDATE ::Apr-22-2003
•The Cartoon Network's got NEW episodes of Hamtaro!
and with them come Lots of new Hams-hams!
Check out the Characters section for the new hams.
•I'd also like to announce that there will be a NEW IMAGE GALLERY as soon as I can scan all the pictures! Come back with in the next month or so to see!
•1 new link in the links section
-Love ya! Cabbit
UPDATE ::Mar-11-2003
•Wow, a month goes by so fast.
•First I'd like to wish Ashley an extreamly belated birthday, her birthday was on the 8th of Feb. She has 5 new fan arts in the art gallery. Go see them, they're adorable!
•2 new Fan fics!!
Sunglasses & Berets by HamClover
Hamio and Hamiet, a parody of Romeo and Juliet. ^_^ i definatly suggest reading this and the other.
•2 new links in the links section.
•Little Hamsters is a new affiliate.
<3 ~Cabbit :3
NOTAN UPDATE ::Jan-29-2003
•*just chatting* omg, I had my hamster, Pai, out in his ball, and when I went to find him, he was curled up next to my cat, who was also curled up in the same position, it was so cute! I wish I had a camera, Pai looks just like a minature of my cat Brandy! LOL @_@
BIG UPDATE ::Jan-26-2003
•Learn to Speak Japanese with the Ham-hams!
Some basic stuff on the language. If you all like it, I'll add more.
And If there's a word you'd like to see in the dictionary, just e-mail me!
•Chat room up!
It's not great, and it only holds up to 10 chatters at a time, but... well... uh yeah...
•NEW FAN-ART! --something we don't get too much of =( *sniff*
UPDATE ::Jan-5-2003
•Fan-Fics! New fan fic by the creators of Y Cappy Wears a Hat, and Why Maxwell's head is so long!
Also It was brought to my attention that the link to Hamtaro's Birthday was broken, but it should work now.
•I think I'm almost cought up with all the stuff to upload to the site, there'll probably be another update later today. luv u all! <3
UPDATE ::Dec-31-2002
•New Year's Ham-Hams have arived at their destinations @ 10:40pm (est)
•Thoes of you who have submitted fan works or web sites, and are not posted yet, I havn't forgotten you! Your submissions will be up next I update (within a week hopefully.) --If they aren't up when I update, then please e-mail me.
UPDATE ::Dec-29-2002
•I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
•Everyone, You're envited to join in a with the ham hams. So go check it out!
UPDATE ::Dec-7-2002
•Sorry about the board there. it seems not to be working at the moment, hopefully i'll be able to find out what's wrong with it soon.
UPDATE ::Dec-4-2002
•New Fan-fic!
It's short, go read it! :P lol but cute too.
•TAG BOARD! WOO! now the site is much more interactive! yeay! u can chat with people or just say hi. ^_^
UPDATE ::Nov-14-2002
•2 New Fan-fics!! yeay!
Go check 'em out!.....go!!
•Ah! and it looks as though we've gotten more than 10,000 site hits! thank you everyone who continues to visit!
UPDATE ::Nov-2-2002
•I had planned a Halloween update, but I had a problem setting up my new DSL... and finally, today, got it to work.
•I hope the new layout looks good, I havn't actually been able to view it, because, as many of you might know, the site has been down because of bandwidth usage. @_@ maybe when I get a job I can fix that...
•And you'll also knotice the new pictues of Hamtaro and Cappy on the site. Please don't take these. I drew them myself, for my website. I've already knoticed some of my edited pictues floating around the net various places... lol, but please leave my originals alone. ^_^ .
LARGE UPDATE ::Oct-29-2002
O_O more updates to come hopefully tomorrow.
•Voice Actor info added to Characters section
•New Fan-Fic Why Maxwell's Head is So Long by the creator of Why Cappy wears a Hat
•New Link
•As you can see, there's somewhat of a new layout going on, everything is very discombobulated at the moment, I hope to have everything straitened out soon. But right now, I have to go.
Cabbit signing out. <3 u all!
UPDATE ::Oct-9-2002
•YEAY! New--- Submissions Form! (read about it above)
UPDATE ::Oct-9-2002
•Just some more links.
•Nobody's e-mailing me nething.... so I can't update. ~_~
I do however have some things of my own planned for the future, Stay Tuned....
UPDATE ::Sept-15-2002
•1 new Fan-Fic, Nate's version of Why Cappy Wears a Hat.
•And 2more links!
Hi everyone, enjoy the update, I really should be doing homework right now. ...oi.... I have like half a book to read for tomorrow...>_<
BIG UPDATE ::Sept-1-2002
•2 new Fan-Fics check em out.
•New Fan-bio.
•n more links in the links section!
•Sorry for my slowness lately ppl.
Like I said before, school's starting soon (i'ma be a Junior *sigh*) and I'll be focusing my attention on my school work and my comic book I'm working on.
Hopefully, I'll be able to update on the weekends, and if I slack off too much just e-mail me ^_^, everyone has been really nice about reminding me to do my job, lol. Thanks for your support.
•and BTW, some of you may knotice, the site's been down a lot, (i havn't been able to get on myself lately) because of bandwidth limits. For thoes of you who don't know, that means too many people are accessing the site in a small ammount of time. Since I'm on a free account, I have a very small bandwidth. As of right now, I can't do anything about this. So just be gentle with your site usage. please! ^_^
UPDATE ::Aug-20-2002
•Gallery's up, check it out.
NOTEIDGE ::Aug-18-2002
••IF ANYONE HAS E-MAILED ME A SUBMISSION RECIENTLY AND I HAVN'T REPLIED, E-MAIL ME AGAIN! I've gotten several submissions reciently with screwed up return addresses and havn't been able to get back to these people.
•Big sorries for not updating when I had said. gomen.
However, next thing up shall be that gallery! promise!
~_~ *sigh* I've been taking a little break away from the 'puter, spending time in my newly redone room working on non-computer projects...lols.
anywayz, I'll get off my lazy bum and update a little today-hopefully a lot tomorrow or the next day. -Ja!
•PS: stuff will slow down a bit for me (as if it hasnt already) once school starts again on Sept. 4.
UPDATE ::Aug-1-2002::
•New section: Adopt! you asked for it u got it.
•New Fan Art by Patrick
•Coming Soon: Picture Gallery! -within the next couple of days. check back here!
•Happy Birthday to Me! As of July 30th I am officially 16 years old, and legal to drive!! wooo hoooo! :D
PS: *got a hamster for my birthday* *happy dance* :P
as i sit here eating the remaints of my cake, lol.
UPDATE ::July-27-2002::
•New fan art from Celena.
ANOTHER small UPDATE ::July-26-2002::
•I put up a small "about me" page for anyone who's interested.
•And as soon as I get the cards I ordered from an online shop, I'll have a gallery up, it should have come sometime this week, but it hasn't yet.
UPDATE ::July-26-2002::
Sorry I didnt update sooner ppl. ^_^;
•Thank you to the person who gave chara information about Kururin and Ninja Ham.
•Convention Section is up, this is my report of the shoujocon, and an excuse to post the cosplay pictures. ^_^ I had a great time
•New Fan art from Cait Berry
•Several new links in Links section.
UPDATE ::July-10-2002::
•Characters page updated!
•More linkies in the Links section. Enjoy.
NOTES ::July-7-2002::
•Please vote for the site by clicking on the Top Hamtaro Websites button!
•It seems like people want pictures. =)
I shall have a picture archive up in the near future hopefully. -cross your fingers folks.
If anyone knows where I can buy Hamtaro books do tell!
UPDATE ::July-6-2002::
•New Fan-Fic by Patrick
•New Neoring in links section.
BIG UPDATE! ::July-2-2002::
•New section! Just for the Guild <3
•and Updates in everyother section, except 'about' of course.
NOTE: Shoujocon 2002 ...::June-27::
Shoujocon Convention: July 19-20
New Brunswick, New Jersey.
I'll be there cosplaying as Hamtaro dressed like Hamtaro boy there to the right. And my friend will probably be dressed as Peach Girl. Feel free to say hi.
I hope to get some pictures and write a lil review afterwards!
UPDATE! yet again! ::June-27-2002::
•New FanBio Submission by Bijou!
•New FanLink in links section by Panda!
UPDATE! again...::June-26-2002::
•Characters page now has content!
•It's not quite complete though.
•Links page updated too.
UPDATE! ::June-25-2002::
More Fan submissions!
•FanBio by Stacitehtiger
•FanFic by PurpleGurlFlower
UPDATE! ::June-12-2002::
•First Fan Submission! FanArt by Iris.
Check it out in the FanFan section!

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