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Website Link Submissions

Thoes of you who've submitted in the past have e-mailed their information and submission to me just through e-mail. Which isn't as efficient as it should be.
So, TA DA: another submission form!
Though, this doesn't completely elemininate the whole e-mail part, it does make it a lot easier, for both parties. --hopefully
Please use this form for all submissions henceforth.
I still personally review all webpages submitted, so I'd better be able to view your site when I go there.

Your e-mai shall be displayed next to your web page link. Is it okay to display e-mail?
Website Name:
I have no link banner.
I will be e-mailing my banner with in the next 24 hours.
My banner is on a website and here is the exact url:

Please e-mail banners to within 24 hours of completing this form.
Please attach all banners.