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The New Hams!

In honor of Sandy's new hamster Misty... and her other one Zippy. ^_^


" The new hams! "

Hamtaro:Did you hear?There are two new hams coming to town!
Stan:I wonder if one of thems a chick...
Sandy:Oh shut up...
Bijou:That sounds exciting!
Boss:*thinking to himself*Better not be another boy ham that Bijou can have...
Panda:What're there names?
Hamtaro:Umm...there is a boy named Zippy,and a girl named Misty.
Cappy:Who're their owners?
Hamtaro:I heard Laura talking about there being two new girls at school...
Sandy:That sounds cool!
Maxwell:I agree!
*Sandy blushes*
Maxwell:We should find them,and invite them to the clubhouse!
*At Zippy's place*
Zippy:Heke?Another ham?What the...
Bijou:Bonjour Zippy!
Pashmina(Can she have a crush on Zippy???Please????):*blushing*He...Hello!
*Dexter and Howdy are mad now*
Everyone else:Hamha!
Zippy:Yo!How you doing?
Hamtaro:Do you wanna come to the clubhouse?
Zippy:Heke?A clubhouse?
Hamtaro:Yeah!Please come Zippy.
Zippy:Okay...lemme just make sure my owner isn't ...
*Climbs out to the other hams*
Hamtaro:Okay.One more stop...
End of Chapter 1!Sandy,you can do Ch.2,where they get Misty!Also,if you wanna know what Zippy looks like,he has light black ears,and blonde hair.He is a eddy bear short hair.Also,is it okay if Pashmina has a big crush on Zippy????Please????

" Re: The new hams! "

Chapter 2: Hams meet Misty the Mighty
*badda badda badda badda*
Zippy: Misty is a good friend of mine. Nothing personal, it's just that our owners are great friends and one of em brings us hams to meet eachother. She's way too hyper active so watch out.
*hams reach Misty's house*
Sandy: Like, Misty? You there? We'd like to meet you.
Misty: Wutever, dude. One sec.
*hams hear sudden stop of speeding wheel and opening of a metal cage*
*ticky ticky ticky ticky*
Misty: Yo, Zippy! Who's your friends?
Hamtaro: Hamha, Misty! I am Hamtaro
Bijou: And am Bijou from Pari
Sandy: Like, hamha! This is Sandy
Stan: Hiya gorgeous! Wanna dance? *takes out his instruments*
Misty: I like, totally don't dance!
Stan: So?
Boss: I am Boss! I am THE BOSS!!
Misty: Dude, I'm gonna be the boss around here now...*looks at Boss's face* jk jk..REOW!! don't have to get so feisty.
Pashmina: Hi, I'm Pashmina and this is Penelope
Penelope: Ookyo
Misty: *giggles* I remember when I used to say Ookyo....
Boss: Ok, ok! The point is, we want you to come to our clubhouse to play!
Misty: Wuteva, hold on a sec...gotta ask Mutant to keep my owner busy....*goes and comes* yea, Let's go!
*Ok, right the next chapter!!!*


" Re: The new hams! "

Next Chapter!!!!
Hamtaro:Right this way-
Boss:I'M leading!!!
Zippy:So,like,where is this clubhouse?
Pashmina:It is just a few chikas away,in a hole in a tree...
Misty:A few chikas?
*Pashmina turns red from embarrasment*
Misty:Don't worry about it!
Misty:So,Zippy,how z ya doin'?
Zippy:Good I guess...
Bijou:You two must be very good friendz!I am correctz?
Zippy:Yeah.I'm older then her,but,are owners are really good palz!So,we got to knowin' each otherif the really well...
Sandy:Thats,like,so totally awesome!
Boss:Here we're!
Zippy and Misty:Wow!
*Go inside*
Zippy:Dude!This place is totally da bomb!
Misty:Whoa!Thiz place totally rox!
*Hamtaro jumps infornt of all of em*Hamtaro:Then lets get this party started!
*Everyne starts playing*
End of ch.3....
Next chapter please!


" Re: The new hams! "

Chapter 4
*everyone laughs and has fun*
Cappy: O my gosh! Today is Ham-ham Luv day!!! I'm not ready!
Everyone:I completley forgot!!!!!!!
*everyone get's busy*
Boss *clears throat*: Ahem! As u know, we always go somewhere with your luved ones *looks at Bijou* and eat dinner together. Today, we'll be goin' to a secret place I hid all my life called Sunflower Feilds. Everyone find a partner to go with! Uhh...Bijou! Wanna go with me?
Bijou: Sorry, Boss, but I am going with Hamtaro...
Boss gets broken hearted....
Ok, so Oxie and Pepper, Bijou and Hamtar, Sandy and Maxwell, Penelope and Cappy, and the left still needed to find someone
Panda: Uhh...Hi, Misty...
Misty *knows wut this is gonna be about and turns red*: Uhh...hi, Panda
Panda *turns red: I was wondering if you don't have anyone to go with...
Misty: I don't have anyone to go with...
Panda *looks down*:Maybe u culd go with me...?
Misty: That would be great. I like you a lot anyway....
Panda: I like you as a friend too!
Misty: Heke? Ohh...I mean...yea, ur a great friend too...*thinks: Why didn't I say it! i'm not afraid of anything*
*meanwhile, on the other side of the room...*
Pashmina *goes up to Zippy*: Hamha, Zippy
Zippy: Wut's up?
Pashmina: I just can't find anyone to go to Sunflower Feilds with. Penelope is in good Cappy's good paws so i don't need to worry and Stan, Dexter, and Howdy are fighting over something...I'm not sure wut...
Zippy *blushes*: Umm...maybe you could go with me?
Pashmina: That would be great! Can Snoozer come too? He's a good friend!
Zippy *looks a little disapointed*:Uh...Snoozer can come....

*Note from Author: Sorry if this is mushy gushy and luvy duvy, but all the other are, anyway...i wrote this... Believe my I'm not into Mushy gushy stuff myself, but I always seem to write them....Well, anyway! Write chapter 5!*