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The Start of Snoozer's Idea

This story never really had a name, I don't believe, but it was the start of Snoozer's idea.


" The start of Snoozer (supersayiengohan)'s Idea!!! "

SNOOZER:YAWN!!! Oh, what's that smell? Hiff Hiff...?
I smell perfume! Hmmmm...Hiff Hiff...Bijou? Yea, that's it, I know that Sweet perfume anywhere! It IS Bijou! What is that?....Hiff, Hiff.....Hamtaro? What are Bijou and Hamtaro doing together?
BOSS:I'll tell you what they are doing. They are going on a date.
SNOOZER:REALLY!!!! Do you think Pashmini will go out with me?
( remember people,this is ALL made up)
BOSS:Huh? Whats that, Snoozer?
SNOOZER: Oh, nothing.So, Where are they going to go for their date?
STAN: They seemed to like Acorn mountain alot, so that is their destination. You would think they would pick somewhere more romantic than THAT!I should have never told anyone about that place!
PASHMINI: Come on, Stan, it was really nice there!
SNOOZER: Oh, ~ahem~ H-h-h-hi, Pashmini!
PASHMINI: Oh, hi Snoozer! Whats up?
SNOOZER: Oh, nothing much. I wanted to ask you if y-y-you like, well,um, ME in p-p-particular more t-than any body else.C-c-cause I k-k-kinda feel t-t-t-that way ab-b-bout
PASHMINI: Stop, you guys, cant you see he's embarassed? Well, Snoozer, I feel the same way about you, could never really say it.
SNOOZER: Really? how come? Shy, like me?
PASHMINI: Not really. It's because you are asleep most of the time. Do you think you, go on a date with me? how about to acor-
SNOOZER:Acorn mountain. Yea! Hey, Hams, This is my insperation! I am out of the sock, and ready to rock!!!
ALL HAM HAMS: Wooooooo-Hoooooooooooooo!!!

Ok, Ham hams of the guild, now it is your turn!Ok, READ CAREFULLY. I am not trying to hurt anybody's feelings, but look out for these next "chapters" of this story. next to write a story TO CONCLUDE MINE will be Pashmini. then, bunny Cabbit will conclude Pashmini's.Bunny Cabbit, you will end it, Ok? This is going to be Totally cool! And once again, It is all made up! See-ya later,Hams!



" Re: The start of Snoozer (supersayiengohan)'s Idea!!! "
Chapter 2:

Penelope: Okyoo?
Sandy: no she's not here. Her and snoozer went to acorn hill
Penelope: Okyoo?
Maxwell: no one knows when they'll be back. sorry penelope.
Penelope: okyoo. (walks off)
Boss: she seems depressed.
Dexterenters)what's with penelope? she seems sad. hey were's snoozer? he's not here! is it a miracle ?
Cappy: the answer to the first two questions is that Pashmina and snoozer went on a date on acorn hill. And the 3rd ques---
Dexter: what!!! date!!! pashmina!!! snoozer!!! (passes out)
Boss: that can't be good! i think he broke his glasses- is he filling in for snoozer?
Maxwell: no, he's not sleeping.he's passed out. according to the book of knowledge passing out is due to---what are you doing??!!
Other ham hams: we are taking him back to his owners house. who knows how long he could be like this. don't want to risk it.
Maxwell: if you think its best...
Dexter: (sits upright suddenly, runs off muttering "pashmina, snoozer, date acorn hill..."
Boss: that can't be good. you know none of this would have happenned if Bijou had just gone out with me instead!
Other Ham hams: QUIET!!!!

to be continued...
( bunnycabbit's turn to add on to the story)



" Re: The start of Snoozer (supersayiengohan)'s Idea!!! "

Chapter 3

Pashmina and Snoozer are seen walking up acorn hill.
Pashmina: Oh Snoozer, it's so nice up here. It's good for you to get out once and a while!
Snoozer: Yawn... I'm glad you like it hear Pashmina. (he smiles and holds her hand)
Pashmina: (ears twitch) hey, there's someone up ahead.
(they slow down and listen closely to what ever is in front of them)
Hamtaro: uhhh....... what was that for? (his face gets red)
Bijou: Because you're special.
Hamtaro: Wow! Does that mean I'm as special as Boss? 'Cause he's pretty special.
Bijou: *sweatdrops* well... it's not the same kind of special...
Hamtaro: oh...
Pashmina: (wide eyed) *gasp* Bijou... Bijou kissed Hamtaro on the cheek!! Wow! (her eyes sparkle) I wish I could be that close with someone! (she turns to Snoozer) Dont you?
Snoozer: ......
Pashmina: (pokes him) Snoozer?? SNOOZER?!? *grr*
(Pashmina drags Snoozer back to the club house by his right foot)

Pashmina and the snoozing Snoozer return to the club house.
(Stan greets Pashmina at the door)
Stan: So how are the two little luv birds after their date? (he makes a kissy face) ... hey, where's Snoozer?
Pashmina: (grumbles and tosses Snoozer (from behind her) into the room onto a pile of hay.
Stan: Oh, I see... well now, if you'd just have gone with me, this kinda thing wouldn't have happened.
Sandy: (from the other side of the room sitting next to Boss) Stan get over yourself!
Boss: Has any of you too seen Bijou? ....and Hamtaro, I mean?

:P anyone who wants to finish is welcome to it!


" Re: The start of Snoozer (supersayiengohan)'s Idea!!! "

Pashmina: Ya! It was so romantic!
Boss gets nervous: Uhh...uh...wut do u mean?
Snoozer: Uh..i think Bijou kissed...
Boss: WHAT!! BIJOU!!! HAMTARO!?!?! KISS!!!!
Pashmina: No no no! Bijou just gave Hamtaro a little kiss on the cheek! I wish i did something romantic like that...*sigh* *glances at Snoozer*
Sandy: well, we can't bring him to his owner cuz he don't got one.
Stan: no wonder....
Boss suddenly sits up right: I got an idea!
Maxwell: No offence, Boss, but your ideas never work...
Boss: Who cares about the past ideas! this is a good idea! We'll spy on Bijou and Hamtaro so nothing stupid happens.
Dexter: You know, according to what i know, that is just gonna get us in trouble by Bijou and Hamtaro!
Pashmina: Yea! They'll be mad at us forever!
Boss: Relax! They wont even see us!
*Ham hams follows Boss, but they don't want to*
Badda Badda Badda Badda!
*They were up on Acorn Mountain peering at Hamtaro and Bijou*
Bijou: You see, are quite special to me...
Hamtaro: Your special to me too!
Bijou: Really?
Hamtaro: Yea! All of my ham ham friends are!
Bijou: You don't understand...It is so difficult to say...
Hamtaro: to say what?
Bijou: to say...
Boss on the top of mountain: Guys, stop pushing me! I think i'm goning to...Faaaaaalllll!
*Boss falls of acorn mountain, heading towards Hamtaro and Bijou*

Ok, next person, write the next chapter!!!

Chapter 5 of the Start of Snoozer:"
*boss stops himself right before he hits hamtaro and bijou, and the other hamhams lean in to hear better, but end up faliing down the hill, and landing next to boss, then they all run into bush for cover*
Bijou: what i'm trying to say is-what was that??
Hamtaro:I didn't hear anything.
Bijou: Well, I did.
Boss: shhh!!
Hamtaro: I heard something that time.(heads towards bush)
Maxwell: good going!
Stan: i'll make a distraction
(he jumps out of the bush wearing a bright green mask, shaking his morraccas, and weraing a sign that says "Konichiwa" , while the other hams sneak away)
Bijou: who are you????
Stan: ummm...i'm....Mother Theresa!!!!
Bijou: no your not! (pulls off mask) You're Stan!!! How could you? (runs off crying)
Hamtaro: Who's mother Theresa? (Stan's face turns red and he runs off)
Hamtaro: heke? (runs off after Bijou)


" Re: The start of Snoozer (supersayiengohan)'s Idea!!! "

Hamha!I'll do chapter 6!!!
Chapter 6!!!!
*Bijou Stops*
*Hamtaro breathes heavily*
Hamtaro:You run fast...
Bijou:Umm...I gotta tell you something...
*Hamtaro looks happy*
Hamtaro:You're finally gonna tell me who Mother Theresa is?!
Bijou:NO!Sorry...Well...I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time now...
*Boss' head pops up from behinh a tree*
*Boss pops out from behind tree*
Hamtaro and Bijou:Boss?!
*Boss turns red from embarassment*
Boss:Umm...I'll just leave you two alone...
*Backs off to another tree*
*Bijou whispers something into Hamtaro's ear*
Hamtaro:You do?!
*Bijou turns red*
Bijou:Yes...Yes.I do.
Hamtaro:Wow!I never knew you liked me THAT much!
*Hamtaro looks very happy*
*Boss heard the whole thing,and heads back to the clubhouse,very sad*
*Bijou and Hamtaro go back to the clubhouse*
Bijou:Where is Boss?
Howdy:Hez been in bed!Completly heartbroken!
Bijou:Oh no!He must've heard what I said to Hamtaro!
*Bijou goes intohis bedroom to find a very dreary looking Boss*
Boss:Bijou?Is Hamtaro with you?*looks mad when he says those last words*
Bijou:Boss,please don't feel bad!
*Boss starts talking to himself*
Boss:I thought you liked me,not that orange furball...
Bijou:Well,I know this won't really help,but..
*Bijou kisses Boss on the cheek and leaves the room*
*Boss turns all red,and pops outt bed*
Boss:I'm BETTER!!
Bijou:I'm glad!*smiles*
*Boss blushes*
*Hamtaro looks plain confused*
And that is the end!!!You can add more if you like of course



" Re: The start of Snoozer (supersayiengohan)'s Idea!!! "

i just want to add one more line by hamtaro for fun.

Hamtaro: Who's mother Theresa????




" Story chapter. "

*Snoozer wakes up from hay*
SNOOZER: Huh? how did I get here?
*Walks out of room*
(Snoozer sees pashmina looking at the water under the bridge on acorn mountain)
SNOOZERTo himself) Oh, Pashmina....I.... really like did I...mess up.
(Snoozer sees Hamtaro and Bijou together)
SNOOZER:But I.....
(Snoozer sees Maxwell and Sandy together)
SNOOZER:What did I do wrong? *cry* Sniff....I really like Pashmina...I gotta....
(Snoozer runs over to Pashmina, with tears in his eyes)
(Pashmina has tears in her eyes, too)
SNOOZERashmina, I-
(Snoozer is stopped as he is kissed on the cheek)
PASHMINA: Snoozer, I.....Love....
SNOOZER: Me too,Pashmina. Me too.
~Evening Falls as They stay on the acorn mountain a little longer~
PASHMINA: Snoozer...You are different.You are different when you are awake.Your eyes are so beautiful when they are open.
SNOOZER: Your eyes are beautiful,too.Pashmina, I am sorry I fell asleep on you this morning. I.....I PROMISE never to do it again.I love you, Pashmina. Promise to be special friends forever?
PASHMINA:I promise.
*Snoozer and Pashmina kiss*
PASHMINA:Lets head home. It is getting kind of cold out here.
SNOOZER:anything for you, Pashy.


Anybody can continue it if they want. This is not ACTUALLY The end. Hope you liked this chapter.