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The Mystery Letter

This one got kinda weird near the end... lol, all the more interesting.


" The Mystery Letter (another fanfic) "

*Sandy enters, busy reading a little note*
Stan: Hey hey sis! Wacha got there?!?!!
*Stan jumps up and snatches note...starts to read it silently*
Stan *whistles*: Looks like you got a secret-
Sandy *snatches note back*: BE QUIET STAN!!!
Bijou: Wat iz it? What kind of note? May I pleaz see?
Sandy: Sorry, but no...
Hamtaro: NO? You never say no!
Sandy: But you like, gotta understand! This is top secret...I don't want anyone reading this!
Everyone: Ok...
Penelope: oookyo!
Sandy: Thanx, you guys! Well, I'm starvin', I'm gonna go outside to find some sunflower seeds for all of us. Come on Stan! You have to come so you don't blab everything! *drags Stan outside. Drops letter on the way*
Howdy *picks up note and reads it silently*: Well what do ya'll know! I THINK SANDY-
Boss: Let me see that! *snatches note and starts to read out loud...everyone listens*
Boss: It says "dear sandy, I have.....

(ok guys! Please add on to this fan fic...I know it's not a very good fanfic and there are lots going around but most of them aren't about Sandy so I decided to make this one about Sandy! Please add on!)


" Re: The Mystery Letter (another fanfic) "Chapter 2

Boss:It says...
Dear Sandy,
Ever since I met you,I have been in love with you....blah,blag,blah...
Well,it wasn't me!
Sandy:Give me that!Sorry...
Bijou:Boss!Why did you have to read that out loud?
Boss;Bijou!Forgive me!
Stan:Well,well,well,she gets the goood looks from me of course!
Pashmina:Whoa Sandy!A secret admirer!
Stan:Now,Pashmina,hone,if you get one,it was mwa!
Dexter anmd Howdy:NO!US!
*Keep on arguesing*
*The door slams open,everyone stops what they're doing and looks*
Voice:I see you've gotten my note...
Sandy:It was you?!Show yourself...please!
*He steps in,his face hidden in shadows*
2b continued...


" Re: The Mystery Letter (another fanfic) "

Chapter 3:
Sandy: who...who are you?
Voice: you don't know? i'm surprised
Sandy: Maxwell! I knew it!
Maxwellfrom behind her) knew what?
Sandy: you mean your not, ... never mind.
Bijou: we did he go?
Maxwell: where did who go?
Sandy: I don't know!! I can't believe he left!! now I'll never know!!!!!!
Hamtaro: (walks in) who was that hamham running away from the clubhouse as fast as he could?
Bijou: oh! did you get a good look at him?
Hamtaro: sorta...why do you wanna know?
Sandy: describe him fast! he needs to be identified!!!!!
Hamtaro: well, he was standing in the shadows, so i couldn't tell, but I think that his coat was white with brown ears.
Sandy: i think I know who that is!
Hamtaro: is it mother theresa?
Sandy: no it's not mother theresa!!!
Hamtaro: are you sure? cause i think-
Bijou: forget about Mother Theresa!!!
Maxwell: I know about Mother Thresea! according to the book of everything she is-
Dexter: calm down !!!! We all want to know who he is, but it's no use losing your head over it!
Pashmina: thank you dexter, that was much appreciated.
Howdy: I could have stopped him better!
Stan: you are both wrong!!! I could have stopped me even better!!!(they start arguing)
Sandy: QUIET!!! (everyone is silent)
Sandy: I think that it is Cappy!
Cappy: what are you talking about!!! I'm right here!!!
Sandy: sorry Cappy!
Pashmina: I think that it's Zippy! remeber how he looked like Cappy!
Maxwell; that is illogical considering zippy was clearly smitten by Pashmina, not Sandy.
Pashmina: Snoozer, what do you think? Snoozer. SNOOZER!!!
Snoozer: huh? where's the fire?! .... zuzuzuzuzuzuzu!!!
Penelope: ookyoo!
Voice: its me! and I am...

to be continued........



" Continuing the secret letter story..... "

"So, I see you got my letter."
SANDY: It was you? Show yourself...please?
(The shadows covering his face are gone, revieling his Identity)
?????: Those darn shadows dont do much at all;
I got them for cheap at the Middle town Mall!
HOWDY: Woa, he's good at poetry!
DEXTER: Hmmmmmm....Mabye too good...
MAXWELL: ....I know who that is!
SNOOZER: Yea! Its....
Jingle: Darn those Hams, they found me out;
Oh, well I guess I shouldn't pout.
SANDY: You wrote that letter,Jingle? Well, I have a boyfriend, and that's Maxwell!
*Maxwell blushes*
MAXWELL: ..*ahem* yea, thats...right.
JINGLE: You like Maxwell? Hes a dweb!
You should really love someone like me!
JINGLE: Well, what about you, Bijou?
JINGLE: Hey Pepper...
PEPPER: Oxnard.
JINGLE: Well, ladies, If you dont want to be with me, you wont be with ANYBODY!!!!!
*Jingle pulls a rope and the girls are trapped in a.........




" Re: Continuing the secret letter story..... "

^_^ okay... it's like 3:00 am-so i'm tired, and I've never seen an episode with Jingle in it, so this might be very odd... feel free to just overlook what I write if you feel it's too terribly odd for the story. @_o

Chapter ::what ever number we're on::

........a very large cheese!
Bijou: Ewwwwwwww! Fromage!
Pashmina: And a very large cheese at that!
Heke? Everyone looks around very confused, they had been expecting something a tad more... dangerous?
Boss: Now how did you manage to get this large cheese into my club house??
Jingle: You know us traveling hams, we have our ways.
Boss: I'm sure you do.
Oxnard: Wow, that sure is a big hunk of cheese! Do you think it'll go good with some walnuts I saved? They've aged pretty good, vintage 1992.
Maxwell: 1992, that was a good year for walnuts.
Sandy: AHEM! Guys! We are, like, (she fidgits around) stuck in this thing!
Bijou: Yes, and it would be very kind of youz to help us out!
Boss: I'll save you Bijou!
The boys advance toward the cheese
Jingle: (jumps inbetween them and the massive cheese) Oh no you dont! You wont touch my cheese! do you know how long it took to get milk to mold up like that? geeze! Well maybe if you say please...
All the girls start to shake around in attempt to free them selves from the cheese....

okay, i think i've let that run on for far too long... O_o good luck adding onto that. ^_^


" Re: Continuing the secret letter story..... "

Jingle: Da girls I like are stuck in the cheese, if you don't mind, i like them there please
Boss: Well, i mind very much.
Sandy *whispers*: Girls, looks like it's up to us...
Pashmina: I knew that an hour ago!
Bijou: There seems to be someone missing....
Pepper: ooo! oooo! I know!!! Penelope isn't missing!
Sandy: Pashmina, you know Penelope very well! Ask her to come over!
Pashmina: Alright...Penelope! Come here!
Jingle: Penelope can't do a thing so I might as well continue to sing...
Penelope *gets sorta mad*: OOOKYOO!
*Penelope comes over and starts to eat the cheese*
Penelope *Shows happy face*ookyoo!
Pashmina: Penelope says it tastes real good! Let's eat the cheese!
*girls start to eat cheese*
Jingle: Hey! Leave my cheese alone! O darn, i'm out of ryhmes...o no!
Oxnard: Boy, that cheese looks real good...*walks over to the cheese*
Oxnard: Guys! Eat it, you don't know what you're missing!
Boss: Well, i am kinda hungry...and I do have a craving for cheese...
Hamtaro: Yea! What are we waitin' for! EAT DA CHEESE!!
*Soon cheese is gone, the ham-ham's stomaches are ful, and all ham-hams surround Jingle*
Sandy: You know Jingle, I would like you as a friend, but after you trapped us girls in...well...the cheese....You gotta apologize some how...
Stan: Hey, sis! I got an idea! He can clean up the ham ham club house for a week...
Oxnard: Colect food!
Maxwell: Buy some more books...
All girl ham-hams: And leave us girls alone!!
Hamtaro: then, he can join the club! Right?
Boss: Well, we gotta thank him for the delicous meal so...i guess soo....

THE END, but you can add on....