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The Search for Mother Theresa: A comedy

A running gag gets it's own story......


" The Search for Mother Theresa : a comedy "

Chapter 1:
Hamtaro& Bijou are on a date, Bijou gives him a kiss on the cheek and he starts thinking
Hamtaro: you know what that makes me think about?
Bijou: what?
Hamtaro: willl i ever find out who mother theresa is?(Bijou falls over)
...later that day in the clubhouse...
hamtaro is deep in thought
Pashmina: what are you thinking about Hamtaro?
Hamtaro: Who is Mother Theresa???!!!
Dexter: maybe she's a Hamster?
Sandy: or a cat? or maybe a dog...
Hamtaro: well I'm gonna find out! all hamhams who want to help me follow me....
He walks out of the clubhouse, and all hamhams except, maxwell, snoozer, pepper and oxnard( what's happening there? ), leave...

to be continued..........

(If you continue writing this, make it humorus, because it is a comedy!!!!!!)


" Re: The Search for Mother Theresa : a comedy "

*badda badda*
Sandy: O my gosh!!
Everyone stops.
Pashmina: Are you ok?
Sandy: Yes, but my nail isn't!
Boss: Whats so good about a nail, we gotta find Mother Teresa.
*Badda badda badda badda*
Hamtaro: I'm hungry...
Bijou: Let us ask zis nice looking cat if she has food.
Hamtaro: I'm not so hungry anymore!!!! BIJOU!! DID U HEAR ME!! I'M NOT VERY HUNGRY!!!!
Bijou: Excuse me, um...Madaame Cat? Do you have anything to eat?
Stan: Yo sis! Dat's a cat! RUN!!!
*panick panick! badda badda*
Bijou: I thought we would never get away..
Panda: Well thank Mother Teresa we did
Hamtaro: You know who Mother Teresa is?
Panda: Well, I remember a chimpmunk-
Boss: Well, we're gonna find that chimpmunk
*Boss pokes his head through a hole*
Boss: Hello? Is anyone that knows Mother Teresa in here?
From inside hole: I know Mother Teresa...
Boss: Come on ham hams! Follow me!
*Ham hams are inside the hole and they see a Chimpmunk*
Sandy: Like, Hi! Do u know Mother Teresa?
Chimpmunk: I do believe she is a gorilla....i dont remember...or was she a Chicken...or is she a computer....O I DON'T KNOW!
Panda: HEY! You're not the chimpmunk who told me about Mother Teresa!!! WHERE IS MOTHER TERESA!!! U ATE HER DIDN'T YOU!!! GIVE HER BACK!!!

(write the next chapter!)


" The mother Theresa Case!!!! "

Back At the Club House..........
PEPPER:*Throwing books off the shelf* Uggh!! I know it is here somewhere!!
OXNARD: Umm, Pepper, what are you looking for?
I mean, Dexter took his time to orgonize that bookshelf!
PEPPER: I dont care if it took him a week! this search for mother Theresa is drivin' me crazy!! I have to find a book on her!!
SNOOZER:....Yawn!!! Huh? Oh, under the Sofa.
PEPPER: Oh, yea. Thanks, Snoozer. Aha! I found it! Here, Maxwell.
MAXWELL: What is this? OH!!! It's the big book of everything!! I have benn looking for this.....Oh. Ok, according to the book, Mother Theresa is a human.
OXNARD: So Its no point of trying to find her?
I mean, It will look suspocios: a lady walking around with the ham hams following her!
SNOOZER: I wouldn't say there is no point of finding her. It's just that she lives totally far away!!
MAXWELL:Yea. At least, a gogillion miles away!
SHADOWY FIGURE: Now, you aren't going to give up, are you?
SNOOZER: Who is that? I think I have heard him before, but I don't know.....
MAXWELL: Who are you?
SHADOWY FIGURE: Why, I'm......