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Case of the Cappy Caper

Alas, i was not around to participate in this one, *pout* and i'm Cappy... lol


" Case of the Cappy Caper!!! "

New Story!!!!!!!!! Remember:This is completely fictional!!!!

Chapter 1:
Sandy: Don't you think that Hamtaro and Bijou are cute together?
Pashmina: yeah, they are
Stan: what the heck is that?
Pashmina: that's Cappy's hat!!!
Stan: excuse me?
Sandy: it's the pot that Cappy alsways wears on his head, don't be so naive!
*from under the pot*
Penelope: ookyoo!
Pashmina: PENELOPE!!! I've been so worried about you!!!Why are you under cappy's hat?
Penelope: ookyoo, ookyoo, OOKYOO!
Sandy: it's ok, calm down.
Dexter: what's going on?
Pashmina: don't know yet.
Hamtaro: cappy's gone!!! cappy's gone!!! CAPPY'S GONE!!!!!
Dexter: what happenend?
Hamtaro: well, boss, bijou, penelope, maxwell, cappy, and me were playing ham and go seek. we noticed that cappy was gone, but figured that he was just hiding so we didn't look for him. then we noticed that after 5 games of ham and go seek that he still hadn't showed up. so we went looking for him but couldn't find him. he wasn't at his owners house either!!! this is bad!!!!
(the rest of the hamhams gather in the same room)
Mawell: i think that we should find cappy and soon! who knows what could happen to him!
All in favor say hamham!

to be continued...
will cappy (bunnycabbit)do the honor of writing chapter 2? if you want you can write about where cappy is and things froms his point of view.



" Re: Case of the Cappy Caper!!! "

somewhere else
CAPPY: huh? where am i?
back at the club
BIJOU: We ave to find Cappy! He ez an important part of ze Ham-Ham team!
HAMTARO:Then lets go , everyone follow me!
OXNARD: Uh...... Ill stay her, just in case Cappy comes back!
they all leave except Snoozer and Oxnard
EVERYONE: Cappy! Cappy! where are you?
they looked everywhere: inside dogs mouths, in trees, hay stacks, grass, no where to be found!
BOSS: Why are you crying Bijou?
BIJOU: Because, he was such a good friend! We ave to fing em!
Just after she said this a sound from a russling bush came a sound like a meow.



" Re: Case of the Cappy Caper!!! "

(A tabby cat jumps out of bush and hisses)
Kitty: REOW!!!!! *hisssss* *fur puffs*
Stan: Reow to you too!
Sandy: Do you know what that is?
Bijou: It iz a cat!
Hamtaro: RUN!!!!!
*the ham hams split up into twos, Bijou and Hamtaro, Maxwell and Sandy, Stan with Dexter (they are just soo unpopular), Pashmina with Boss(hmm...wonder how that happened)*
Bijou: Hamtaro, where are we?
Hamtaro: I really don't's pretty spooky...
*owl hovers by*
*mean while... a really nice place*
Boss: WHOA!!! Oxnard would love this place! There are nuts and sunflower seeds everywhere! Ooo! Is that a baloney sandwich!?
Pashimna: We are here to find CAPPY!!!
*Another place*
Sandy: ooo...wut a pretty flower! What kind is it?
Maxwell: According to the big book of everything that happens to be....
*another place*
Stan: Who cares about Cappy? I mean, the girls got me!
Dexter: And me!
Stan: They don't need you!
*some sound comes from tree...*

(to be continued....if you wrote the next chapter)


" Re: Case of the Cappy Caper!!! "

Stan: whats that
Dexter: you find out
Stan: no you!!!
Dexter: you!!
Penelope:*leaps out of bush* OOKYOO!!!
Stan: don't do that
Dexter: thats scary
Penelope: Ookyoo!!!
Stan& Dexter: don't laugh!!!!
*owl spots penelope*
Owl: whoo!!! (swoops down)
(stan and dexter run in bush)
Penelope! ookyoo!!!
*owl chases penelope and she runs*
Pashmina: that's funny, that little hamham looks like ... PENELOPE!!!!!!!!!
Boss: we gotta save herr!!!!
Bijou: do you see that owl over there?
Hamtaro: it's chasing a little hamham!! we gotta help!!!!
Maxwell: that is a common barn owl..
Sandy: that's chasing Penelope!!!!
(they run off)(hamhams come running from all directions and bump into each other)
all: we gotta sve her!!!!
(the distraact the owl and it crashes into a tree, and then flies off!)
all: hooray!!!!
Penelope: ookyoo!!
Sandy:were's stan?
(All look at bush)
Stan: how's it going guys!
Sandy: get out of there you big baby!!
Pashmina: thanx to you my lil sis almost got eaten!!!!!!!!
Maxwell: lets split up again and search for cappy!
all: ok! ( they seperate)
Pashmina and Boss are walking when...
Pashmina:Cappy!!!! your alive!!!!!!
Other hampster: I'm not Cappy. I'm Zippy!
Boss; sorry about that, you look like cappy.
Zippy:well, I'm not!
Pashmina; sorry
They walk by Pet store
Pashmina: I'ts cappy!!!! he is in the pet store!!!!!!!!
Boss: oh no! calling all hamham calling all hamham!
(all come running)
Hamtaro: it's cappy!!!
Bijou: we must get him out!!!
Maxwell: I have an idea!
(they huddle together and whisper a plan)
Pashmina: hey Zippy!
Zippy: (blushes) yah?
Stan: how would you like to help us out???


" Re: Case of the Cappy Caper!!! "

... later at Cappy's owners house....

Rest: yeah!!
(cappy's owners walk through door)
Zippy: runs towards hampster cage and stops.
Stan & Sandy run around and get the attention of both owners. the then run to seperate parts of the room taking there owners with them. Zippy sit's in cappy's cage
all the hamhams then leave except zippy

...later at the pet store after hours....

they all sneak under the door, and to cappy's cage
Cappy: you found me!!!!! im free!!!!
Bijou: keep your voice down, your not free yet.
Hamtaro: bijou's right.
Panda: almost done, your free!!!
(panda finishes cutting open wires and cappy jumps out they all sneak away and head home)
meanwhile cappy tells them his story
Cappy: well, i was found by a pet store owner and he brought me to the shop!!!
Zippy and cappy switch back , and Pashmina gives zippy a thank you kiss on the cheek, he then blushes then runs off, and the other hamhams go home.

the end!!! you can add more if you want!!!

sorry they wouldn't let me post it all in one!