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Happy Birthday Bijou!

In honor of Bijou's birthday.


" Happy Birthday Bijou! "

Can I make a fanfic?Cause,last time I did,no one continued it!
Happy Birthday Bijou(I'm writing this cause Friday is my Birthday)Chapter 1
Bijou thinking to herself:July 12th...My birthday!I'm gonna go to the Ham Ham Clubhouse...
*Chika Chika*
Everyone:Hey Bijou!
Bijou:Ello evryone!
*All of them start to ignore her* there anything new today?Anything out of ze ordinary?Anyzing special?
Hamtaro:No,I don't think so.
Bijou:You,of all people Hamtaro?I'm shocked!Doez anyone care about me?Doez anyone even notiz me?
*Bijou runs out of the clubhouse crying,all eyes watching the door*
Hamtaro:What did I do?
Boss:I don't know...
Pashmina:Oh no!I just remembered something!Today is Bijou's birthday!
Boss:Uh oh...Hamtaro how could you be so stupid?!You're a disgrace to all Hams!
Hamtaro:I'm sorry...I better go talk to her!
*Hamtaro runs out the door,after Bijou*
Sandy:I feel terrible....
Everyone else:So do I...
Stan:Well,I better go get that cutie,make sure Hamtaro doesn't mess up talking to her!
Sandy:Well if you're going,like,I totally am too!Who knows what stupid things you'll do!
*Sandy runs after him*
*Everyone just sits there*
Boss:Me too!
Howdy:Oh no you don't!
*Pulls him back*
Boss:Lemme go,you buck toothed texas boy!
*2b continued...*


" Re: Happy Birthday Bijou! "

Howdy: Now wut u just say?
Boss: you heard me!
Howdy: You got anythin' against Texas, you're gonna get in trouble by me!
Boss: WHAT! I can beat u right out of ur dumb apron!
*continue fightin', meanwhile*
Bijou: how could they forget....
Hamtaro still away from where Bijou is: Sandy, Stan! How could of we done such a thing! I like Bijou in a special way and don't want to hurt her either!
Stan: Hey, don't blame me! I was gonna cheer up da cutie, not hurt her like you did.
Sandy: Shut up, Stan! I have an idea! Hamtaro and Stan, you guys go to the clubhouse and tell everyone we are gonna throw Bijou a happy birthday and i'm sorry party. Like, get goin'! I'll coax her out!
*Badda badda* * the ham hams split up*
Sandy opens da door to where Bijou is: Bijou...
Bijou: O pleaz, Sandy...I would like to be left alone....
Sandy: O come on, Bijou....the ham hams are all very sorry, you know we wouldn't want to hurt you...

(2b continued)


" Re: Happy Birthday Bijou! "

Panda enters with a package

Panda:Bijou happy birthday! you wouldnt think anyone would forget would you? this is a present for you!
He stares at her dreamily
Sandy: What is it?what did you get her?
Pandawhispers)I got her ribbons and photos of all the hams!
Bijou:well Panda everyone did froget, except you! even Boss!
Panda:Boss forgot!?!?
Bijou: yes, sadly.
Panda:ill go teah everyone a lesson to remember their friends!



" Re: Happy Birthday Bijou! "

Boss: We didn't forget about Bijou! We are decorating the clubhosue for her I'm sorry and birthday party! you gotta help!
Panda: Alright, i'll see what i can do!
*Panda decorates with Boss and Hamtaro, Stan, Maxwell, and Dexter make stuff, Oxnard and Pepper gather food, and Pashmina and Penelope cleans the clubhouse*
Sandy: You have to come! Please!?
Bijou: alright...I am coming for you...
Sandy: yea! Come on, Bijou!
*Sandy and Bijou arrive at the door*
Sandy: Ok, Bijou. Like, get ready to like, be amazed!
*opens door, Bijou's eyes glitter*
Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!
Bijou: oooo! this iz soo wonderfel! I'm sorry i haff ever gotten mad at you...
Boss: Uh...well, I never forgotten about your birthday, i planned this...
Maxwell: Technically, you didn't plan this...Sandy did and we all agreeed and helped!
Bijou: Thank you everyone! Zis is the best birthday ever!