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Guild Fan-Fics

The Hamtaro Guild has created some wonderful "story-game" fan-fics.
One person starts the story, and the next person continues, and so on.
I personally love doing this and reading these, because I don't get to watch the anime very often. So this is where I get my fill of ham ham goodness. ^_^

Stories are posted in their unedited, original form. Any side notes or questions not having to do with the story are directed to the other members of the guild.
Special thankx to Snoozer, who started this whole thing.

The Start of Snoozer's Idea finished on June-24-2002
Bijou and Hamtaro Fan-fic last post on June-23-2002
Case of the Cappy Caper finished on June-25-2002
The Mystery Letter finished on June-26-2002
Happy Birthday Bijou! finished on June-26-2002
The Search for Mother Theresa: a comedy last post on June-26-2002
The New Hams last post on July-11-2002