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A Ham-Ham Christmas - by Nate 
The dark sky slowly lit up as a new day approached Laura's sleeping town. As Laura's clock struck 6:00 am she jumped out of her bed with a yawn and a stretch.
Laura: Hamtaro wake up you sleepy head! Wake up! It's Christmas little guy!
Laura bent down and opened up Hamtaro's cage.
Hamtaro thought: What's Laura getting up so early for? It's Christmas Vacation isn't she suppose to sleep in?
Laura put her hand into Hamtaro's cage and picked him up. 
Laura: Come on Hamtaro, Santa must have brought us a presents!
Laura raced downstairs where her parents were waiting in the living room. Laura's Christmas tree had presents all around it. Laura was so
excited she set Hamtaro down and started opening up the presents with the other her parents. Hamtaro, who was now on the floor, raced across
the room and slipped threw Brandy's dog door. Hamtaro raced over to the Ham-Ham clubhouse. As he got there he found Pashmina, Boss,
Oxnard, Dexter, Maxwell, Bijou, and all of the other ham hams waiting there.
Hamtaro: Hey guys! Merry Christmas!
Bijou: You too.
As Hamtaro entered the Clubhouse he walked under mistletoe and Bijou walked up and kissed him on the cheek.
Hamtaro: What was that for Bijou?
Bijou: You walked under mistletoe, silly, so I got to kiss you.
Hamtaro started to wipe the kiss of his cheek. Hamtaro and the rest of the Ham-Hams sang some Christmas Carols and even opened some
presents up that they found underneath their Christmas "twig" that the Ham-Ham Santa brought them. Cappy opened his and found a new hat,
Maxwell a new dictionary, Bijou new ribbons, so on so on. The only person who didn't receive a present was Boss. Everyone was so excited
they didn't even notice that Boss had left the Clubhouse and went outside. As Boss walked he talked to himself;
Boss: How could everyone get a present from the Ham-Ham Santa except for me? I've been a good ham.
Back at the Clubhouse after everyone settled down they noticed Boss was missing.
Hamtaro: Where did Boss go you guys? He was here a minute ago.
Cappy popped out from underneath the Christmas tree with a present in his arms.
Cappy: Look what I found, who here didn't get a present?
Hamtaro: That must be Boss's! It was hidden so well underneath the tree he probably didn't see it! Poor Boss, we must go find him!
Hamtaro and a small group of Ham-Hams all went their own ways to go find Boss. All the ham-hams returned to the Clubhouse with no sign of
Boss anywhere.
Bijou: The only thing we can do is sit and wait until Boss comes back so we can give him his present.
It got darker and darker and Boss still didn't return. Finally Boss came back.
Oxnard: Boss we are glad you are here! We have something to show you!
Boss: It's ok, I was a bad ham this year. I don't deserve anything, I'm going to my bedroom see you all in the morning. Boss shut the door behind
Howdy: It looks like the only thing we can do now is wait or go home. And I don't think I want to wait any longer, see y'all tomorrow.
Howdy left, soon followed by a lot of the other hams until it was only Hamtaro and Oxnard and Bijou left.
Oxnard: I think I better get home, I'm getting a little hungry.
Hamtaro: No Oxnard, please stay. Boss will have to come out sooner or later.
Bijou: I'm not sure, there isn't much we can do. I think I better go home too, I wouldn't want Maria to get worried. 
Soon Hamtaro was left by himself. As Hamtaro waited Snoozer began to sleep-talk.
Snoozer: One who is patient will be rewarded.
Hamtaro: What is that suppose to mean?
Hamtaro waited and waited some more until Boss finally came out.
Boss: Good everyone went home. I better start cleaning up the Christmas decorations.
Boss looks over and sees Hamtaro.
Boss: Whuaht? Hamtaro? What are you doing here? It's almost 10 o' clock at night. Shouldn't you get home? Laura must be worried sick about
Hamtaro: Boss, the Ham-Ham Santa did bring you a present. It was hidden underneath all of our presents that's why you didn't see it.
Boss: Really? Show me that!
Boss ran over and ripped it from his hands.
Hamtaro: Wait I got a better idea, follow me Boss! 
Hamtaro and Boss run off and are soon shown sitting on the top of a tree. As Boss opens up his gift a shooting star flys bye in the sky and snow
slowly starts to fall. Boss sees that his present is that of a nut that looked very unusual to both of the hams-- a foreign nut. Boss took a bite of it
and found it to be delicious. Boss shared some with Hamtaro as the snow started falling quicker and quicker. Bye the time they were finished the
whole tree and ground below it was covered with snow.
Boss: Thank you Hamtaro, this has to be one of the best Christmas's I've ever had.
Boss hugged Hamtaro and started crying.
Hamtaro: I'll see ya tomorrow Boss, I better get home now. Laura must be worried. As Hamtaro ran home he thought to himself;
Hamtaro: That must have been what Snoozer was talking about when he said that patient one will be rewarded. I got to have some of that great
nut, see the first snow of the season, and spend time with Boss all at the same time!
Hamtaro got home and slipped in his cage and quickly fell asleep just to be awoken again by Laura. 
Laura: Where were you Hamtaro? I wanted to spend Christmas with you, but I guess you had your own plans instead.
Laura started writing in her diary and when she finished she looked at Hamtaro.
Laura: Today was great, I got a pair of skates, new dress, some books, and a lot more for Christmas today. But you know what I always say, if
today was great, tomorrow will be even better!
Laura turned off the lights and Laura and Hamtaro both quickly fell asleep in their separate beds. In the morning Laura awaked and ran over to her
window and ripped open the curtains.
Laura: Hamtaro, wake up! It's snowing outside! The streets are packed with snow! Me and Kana will have a great time sledding and maybe
even going ice skating at the skating rank. Today will be a blast!
-to be continued 
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