this is a bit of romancing but if you don't like it leave!
Warning:This may be romancing.don't faint please!( LOL ^_^ )

*On Hamtaro's home*
Hamtaro:Oh i can't wait to go to the clubhouse to meet Bijou!(blush)

*On Bijou's home*
Bijou:(blush)I can't wait to meet Hamtaro!

*At the clubhouse*
Hamtaro:Hey,Boss!Did you see Bijou?
Boss:No Hamtaro,why?
Hamtaro:Just asking!
Hamtaro:(blush)H Hey Bijou!
Bijou thinking:I think Hamtaro likes me!!!!!!^_^
Hamtaro:Bijou,i was about to say tha....
Hamtaro thinking:oh good im to embassed to tell Bijou when Boss is looking at me!
Pashmina:Hamtaro you talk funny..
Hamtaro:(turns red)No.i got a very bad sore thorat.
Pashmina:NOPE!you can't fool me!!!!!!
Pashmina:Tell us what is it?!
Hamtaro:Nothing!!!!it's nothing!!!!!!
*Hamtaro runs outside*
Bijou thinking:Oh,Hamtaro....i love you so much i hope you know it TOO!
Hamtaro thinking:Oh Bijou im to shy to tell you that... i love you!
Bijou:Im going outside to cheer Hamtaro up!
Boss:Bijou can i follow you?
Bijou:Boss,no.I can do it on my own.
Boss:ok if you need me just
Heyhoo ok?

Hamtaro:Yeah Bijou
Bijou:I L Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Hamtaro:(blush)You do?THEN I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!
Bijou:Hamtaro we will be together forever!!!!!

You know what happen next?
Hamtaro and Bijou had kids!
Hamtaro and Bijou kids:Mommy!Daddy!
Hamtaro and Bijou:yes
Hamtaro and Bijou kids:Can we go to the clubhouse you are talking about?
Bijou:Oh we forgot Boss!
Hamtaro:Oh he be so mad at me!

*At the clubhouse*
Boss:OH Bijou!Why?You didn't love me?
*back to hamtaro and Bijou*
Hamtaro:Maybe he go over it

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