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English Name: Hamtaro
Japanese Name: Hamutaro
Spanish Name: Hamtaro
Gender: Boy
Owner: Laura / Ryoko
Birthday: August 6 : Leo
Height: 8.6 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Saffron Henderson
Defining Attribute: Orange furr swoops across his left eye
Hamtaro's the star of the show. He's very kind, and always up for an adventure. Hamtaro always seems to be helping his friends, weather it be his owner Laura, or his ham-ham buddies. Though he can be a tad naive at times, especially about Love- a quality not usually found in a main character. Hamtaro has all the qualities needed for a perfect hero: Bravery, Innocence, and the will to do anything for his friends.
English Name: Oxnard
Japanese Name: Koushi (means "Calf" [baby cow])
Spanish Name: Ghiotto
Gender: Boy
Owner: Kana
Birthday: May 3 : Taurus
Height: 10 cm
Defining Attribute: Tall, grey spots, and always carries a sunflower seed.
Oxnard is Hamtaro's best friend. Just as his owner, Kana, is Laura's best friend. Oxnard is the fateful sidekick of the story. He may come across as somewhat clumsy having a name like Oxnard, being tall, and always eating, but this doesn't seem to play into his character very much.
English Name: Bijou
Japanese Name: Ribon
Spanish Name: Bijou
Gender: Girl
Owner: Maria
Birthday: July 10 : Cancer
Height: 7.5 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Chantal Strand
Defining Attribute: All white with two blue ribbons tied on each cheek
Bijou is the heroine of the story. Her, and her owner, Maria, are form France, and thusly Bijou is very feminine, and has an adorable french accent. She probably would be paired with Hamtaro if it weren't for his innocent view of their relationship.
English Name: Boss
Japanese Name: Taisho (means "Leader")
Spanish Name: Boss
Gender: Boy
Owner: none
Birthday: September 21 : Virgo
Height: 12 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Ted Cole
Defining Attribute: Tallest of all the ham hams, wears a yellow hat w/green band and orange buckle, sometimes carries a shovel.
Boss is a wild Field Ham, and has no owner. He lives with Snoozer in the "Club House" in the park. He tries to be tough, and sometimes acts like a know-it-all, but is usually proven wrong. Boss is jealous of Bijou's feelings for Hamtaro, but, never the less, is great friends with him and the rest of the ham hams.
English Name: Maxwell
Japanese Name: Noppo
Spanish Name: Tantasa
Gender: Boy
Owner: The oldest son of the bookshop owner
Birthday: November 5 : Scorpio
Height: 10.5 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Brad Swalie
Defining Attribute: Brown furr and somewhat of a large head.
The true know-it-all of the group, Maxwell is the brains of the bunch. He always has some high-tech explanation for everything, including some kind of visual aid, a chart with a graph, perhaps. He seems to be the only ham ham who can read human writing, or at least the only one who does, and thus he can usually tell the ham hams the truth about their theories on human beings. Also has a thing for Sandy
English Name: Sandy
Japanese Name: Torahamu-chan (means "tiger hamster" chan indicates feminine usage)
Spanish Name: Tigra
Gender: Girl
Owner: Hillary
Birthday: June 6 : Gemini
Height: 7.5 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Chantal Strand
Defining Attribute: Tiger stripes like her brother, red ribbon on her tail.
Sandy is the sporty one of the group; and probably the only one not caught in some kind of love triangle. Being the sister of the most flirtatious ham ham helps. More than that, she has proclaimed her feelings for Maxwell, with a little help from Hamtaro. Sandy grew up away from her brother, but never forgot about him, and they're reunited during the series.
English Name: Stan
Japanese Name: Torahamu-kun (means "tiger hamster" kun indicates masculine usage)
Spanish Name: Tigro
Gender: Boy
Owner: Noel
Birthday: June 6 : Gemini
Height: 7.5 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Noel Fisher
Defining Attribute: Tiger stripes like his sister, but no ribbon.
Stan is the Fonzi of the bunch, though without Fonzi's charm. Stan loves the ladies, but is usually too obnoxious to earn their attention. He, like Maxwell, also has a lot of props, but instead of books and charts, Stan usually has his maracas or skateboard around. Most of the time his sister, Sandy, has to keep him in check, so he doesn't get too wound up.
English Name: Cappy
Japanese Name: Kaburu (means "to put something on one's head")
Spanish Name: Caplin
Gender: Boy
Owner: Kip & Sue
Birthday: August 6 : Leo
Height: 7.7 cm
Defining Attribute: His green cap and brown ears.
English Name: Pashmina
Japanese Name: Mahura
Spanish Name: Sciarpina
Gender: Girl
Owner: June
Birthday: September 16 : Virgo
Height: 7.3 cm
Defining Attribute: A pink scarf tied around her neck
English Name: Penelope
Japanese Name: Chibimaru (means "Small Circle")
Spanish Name: Timidy
Gender: Girl
Owner: Kylie
Birthday: March 3 : Pisces
Height: 6.2 cm
Defining Attribute: Wears some kind of yellow cloth... a dress perhaps? looks like a PacMan ghost
With a name that starts with "chibi" you know she's the baby of the group. Penelope has several baby-of-the-group stereotypical qualities, she's smaller than everyone else, and only says one word: Ookyu! She's usually hanging around with Pashmina, and treats her like an older sister, though they aren't related.
English Name: Dexter
Japanese Name: Megane (means "Eyeglasses")
Spanish Name: Damerino
Gender: Boy
Owner: Curtis, The owner of an eyeglass store
Birthday: October 11 : Libra
Height: 8.7 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Sam Vincent
Defining Attribute: Glasses like markings around his eyes, and a red bow tie
Dexter is a Gentleman ham. He's very proper and somewhat picky about other people's manners. He also has a crush on Pashmina.
English Name: Panda
Japanese Name: Panda
Spanish Name: Panda
Gender: Boy
Owner: Mimi
Birthday: April 8 : Aries
Height: 8.8 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Saffron Henderson
Defining Attribute: Panda like dark grey and white furr
English Name: Howdy
Spanish Name: Tricky
Japanese Name: Maido
Gender: Boy
Owner: Goldie, Owner of a convenience store
Birthday: February 18 : Aquarius
Height: 8.5 cm
Defining Attribute: Squinty eyes, and a red shop apron
English Name: Snoozer
Japanese Name: Neteru
Spanish Name: Ronfo
Gender: Boy
Owner: none
Birthday: January 14 : Capricorn
Height: 8.5 cm
Defining Attribute: He's always sleeping, usually in a colorful sock.
Snoozer got his name by sleeping all day. Sadly, he has a huge infatuation with the hay and his sock, so he spends all his time sleeping. He lives with Boss in the club house. In a way, Snoozer is sort of like Tuxedo Mask, he just pops in and gives advice when it's needed and then goes back to sleep.
English Name: Jingle
Japanese Name: Tongari
Spanish Name: Jingle
Gender: Boy
Owner: none
Birthday: December 12 : Sagittarius
Height: 8.5 cm
Engilsh Voice Actor: Terry Klassenf
Defining Attribute: Mohawk. He also carries a guitar.
Jingle's a traveling musician and poet. He's kind of like Snoozer, in the way that he only shows up for a little while and gives some advice. Though he's no where near as strait forward as Snoozer is. Most of his tips and hints are in the form of rimes or riddles, which can be very annoying, especially when you're being chased by wild chickens. ^_^
English Name: Elder Ham
Japanese Name: Chorou Hamu (means "Elder Ham")
Gender: Boy
Owner: none
Birthday: secret
Height: secret
Engilsh Voice Actor: Dave Ward
Defining Attribute: Fluffy eyebrows, old grey fur, wooden walking cane.
English Name: Auntie Viv
Japanese Name: Ohamubaachan (play on the word for elderly woman/aunt "Obachan")
Gender: Girl
Owner: none
Birthday: secret
Height: secret
Defining Attribute: Small glasses on her nose, and polka-dotted hat.
English Name: Pepper
Japanese Name: JyaJya
Gender: Girl
Owner: Kana's Cousin
Birthday: January 1 : Capricorn
Defining Attribute: Brown hair in pigtails, slightly chubby, with a red scarf around her neck.
Pepper is a HamHam redneck. She is also Oxnards girlfriend. She lives on a farm with Kana's Cousin. She does lots of stunts on the farm that other Hams wouldn't, like riding donkeys. She also is known to have her Ranch-flavored sunflower seeds.(bio by Snoozer)
English Name: Omar
Japanese Name: Oashisu (means "Oasis"?)
Gender: Boy
Owner: The King
Defining Attribute: Squinty eyes. Wears an Arabian style vest and hat-thing.
This rich HamHam once lived with a Wealthy king. He was treated like royalty with a cage made mostly of gold, jewels, and riches. Until one day he decided to explore the world, which was what he had been wanting to do practically his whole life. He escaped, and went to the places he had dreamed of. Until one day he made his way to the city where the HamHams lived. He found his way to Oxnard's house, and was thought to be an alien. Then he was finally stopped in his tracks when snoozer fell on top of him. He decided to go back to his home after he met and talked to the Hams. (bio by Snoozer)
English Name: Sabu
Japanese Name: Sabu
Gender: Boy
Birthday: March 10 : Pisces
Defining Attribute: All grey furr coat, pirate patch mark around his left eye.
English Name: Sparlke
Japanese Name: Kururin (means "Chestnut")
Gender: Girl
Owner: Glitter
Birthday: February 9 : Aquarius
Defining Attribute: Pink ponytails on her cheeks.
English Name: Stucky
Japanese Name: Nukunai
Gender: Boy
Birthday: October 10 : Libra
Defining Attribute: Odd green thing wrapped around his body. (looks like a pipe from Super Mario Bros)
English Name: Ninja Ham
Japanese Name: Konhamu
Gender: Boy
Birthday: February 2 : Aquarius
Defining Attribute: Ninja outfit.
English Name: Hannah
Japanese Name: Hana (means "Flower")
Gender: Girl
Birthday: March 10 : Pisces
Defining Attribute: Moe style bowl-cut hair and yellow ribbon on her tail.
English Name: Chief ham
Japanese Name: Cook-san
Gender: Boy
Birthday: May 9 : Taurus
Defining Attribute: Creme fur and chef's hat.
English Name: Nurse Ham
Japanese Name: Nurse-chan
Gender: Girl
Birthday: September 9 : Virgo
Defining Attribute: Nruse's hat, small red clib holding back her bangs.
English Name: Harmony
Japanese Name: Angel-chan
Gender: Girl
Defining Attribute: Halo, wings, and star wand.
English Name: Spat
Japanese Name: Devi-hamu-kun (short for "Devil")
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Bat wings, devil diddly-bobs, and pitch fork.
English Name: Barrette
Japanese Name: Pony Tail-chan
Gender: Girl
Defining Attribute: Pony tail of course!
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Uki-hamu-kun (means "???")
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Looks like a mouse, or perhaps a monkey?
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Taiho-kun (means "arrest?")
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Police man garb, and a light stripe across his eyes.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Chibi-chans (means "The Little Hams")
Defining Attribute: Baby hams.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Potato-kun
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Blue clothes, brown, shaggy furr.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Sheiku-chan (Shake-chan)
Gender: Girl
Defining Attribute: Blond hair.
English Name: Seamore
Japanese Name: Kame hamu-kun (means "Turtle ham")
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Turtle shell! Brown fur covering one ear.
Seamore is the only know ham-ham to know how to swim. He also likes Barrette and owns a Photoshop and takes pictures for the ham-hams.(bio by Carol)
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Merica (short for "America"?)
Gender: Girl
Height: 6.8 cm
Defining Attribute: American flag print clothing.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Gu-chan
Gender: Girl
Height: 6.8 cm
Defining Attribute: Orange hair, plaid clothing.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Nonno
Gender: Girl
Height: 6.8 cm
Defining Attribute: Purple hair, plaid clothing.
English Name: Ain
Japanese Name: Ain-chan
Gender: Girl
Height: 6.8 cm
Defining Attribute: Pink hair, plaid clothing.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Yosei (means "Fairy")
Gender: Girl
Defining Attribute: The only ham-ham with wings.
Yosei-chan tarnsforms into Oneesan Hamu.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Oneesan Hamu (means "Big Sister Ham")
Gender: Girl
Defining Attribute: Humaniod hamu, with long blond hair and faerie wings.
Oneesan Hamu is the humaniod version of Yosei. She is the Woman ham spirit.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: DJ Hamu
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Dreadlocks, backwards hat, and tie.
English Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Suberu (means "to slip or slide")
Gender: Boy
Defining Attribute: Bunny ears hat with the word "ICE" written on the front.